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Retention fee ‘must be abolished’

The retention fee for doctors must be abolished immediately and in its place the State must appropriately fund the Irish Medical Council (IMC) from general taxation, according to consultant psychiatrist Dr Kevin Kilbride.

How much help for the ‘squeezed middle’?

Tax specialist Geraldine Corcoran provides an outline and some detailed insight into several of the measures in Budget 2015 and how they may impact on health professionals and patients, in a two-part series.

Clearing up taxation of legal costs

A reserved judgment on taxation of legal costs in a recent medical negligence case sets out welcome principles that clarify how costs are arrived at.

Tackling commercial rates

With commercial rates a significant outlay for doctors, Solicitor Peter Dempsey BCL examines how you might best ‘gather feathers with the least hissing’.

Caution about the company you keep

Taxation consultant David Price believes any doctor who is considering medical incorporation should tread carefully before taking up this as yet unproven option.

All hands to the parish pump

Dr Mick Molloy believes more than a few hospital campaigners will be dusting off their election badges and booking their pitches outside Sunday mass in the run-up to the impending general election They say one should keep one’s views on politics to one’s self, that it’s a topic where it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool rather