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Dr Ruairi Hanley

Cost of the obviously unpleasant fee cuts

Dr Ruairi Hanley, with one eye at the exit door, looks forward to summertime and raising a glass to Hunter S Thompson, but first he makes a few observations here on recent events

A dumping ground for responsibility

Ahead of the looming threat of General Data Protection Regulation that is giving him many a sleepless night, Dr Ruairi Hanley just wants to get back to being a doctor

Opinion column killed the radio star

Ahead of the looming abortion referendum, Dr Ruairi Hanley has the last word on the new Orwellian ‘thought police’ of virtue signalling; and deteriorating communication standards

Is political correctness shutting down debate?

Dr Ruairi Hanley has to subconsciously watch his language to prevent ‘keyboard warriors’ with delicate sensibilities screaming for his head — but he fears the entire medical profession could be the next target

Sláintecare needs funding shot in the arm

Dr Ruairi Hanley welcomes the IHCA’s dismissal of “probably the worst idea to come out of Leinster House since the night of the banking guarantee” and the growing support for ‘mandatory’ vaccination

Of ballots and elections

Dr Ruairi Hanley draws his own conclusions on the NAGP’s ballot on out-of-hours work, but believes readers can make their own judgement on his performance in the Medical Council

Taking on fellow ‘trolley commentators’

Dr Ruairi Hanley’s take on the trolley crisis is unique, but he wonders if he is truly the only commentator/doctor who views things differently; and whether an NHS-style programme could succeed here too

The shape of things to come

Notwithstanding mixed results on his past prophecies, Dr Ruairi Hanley puts his neck on the line — forecasting waiting lists will this year hit the 700 mark, among other predictions in sport and politics

Good times will roll on — despite all

HSE spin, mob psychology and whining are how Dr Ruairi Hanley describes the public’s reaction to the planned Navan downgrade, the consultants’ work hours exposé, and negativity to FEMPI fee cuts, respectively