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Letter: Caring for mother and baby

Dear Editor, The Hippocratic Oath comes from a tradition dating at least to 2,400 years ago, and doctors have upheld its principles since then.

Much broader societal approach to health and wellness required

Dear Editor, I enjoyed Dr Mark Rowe’s TEDx talk (Leading doctor warns of ‘tsunami of lifestyle-related’ health conditions’ IMT January 26, 2018) and I like his lifestyle approach, but I think the solutions lie in much broader societal approaches to health.

Frustration mounting over little move on health reforms

Dear Editor, So 2018 is here, but there is still little or no progress on our long-awaited new GMS contract, now nearly two years in the making, despite reassurance from the Department of Health to the contrary.

‘Not the best way to curb alcohol abuse’

Dear Editor, Sean Barrett (November 21) criticised the proposed introduction of minimum unit pricing in the Public Health (AlcohoI) Bill, claiming that the tax system is a more effective way to curtail alcohol consumption.

Letter: ‘People will still call the hospital James’s’

Dear Editor, As a doctor who has worked in St James’s Hospital as a consultant physician for more than 30 years, and who is delighted to see the new national children’s hospital ‘rise from the ashes’, I can understand the Freudian predisposition to call the hospital after the mythical bird but to call it after the phoenix is a gross

Passage of Alcohol Bill is now essential

Dear Editor, Our politicians have a unique opportunity in the coming weeks to adopt public health legislation that can dramatically reduce harm and save many lives in Ireland.