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Giovanni Morelli

Languishing in the Pays d’Oc

Described as ‘vigilante vignerons’, the winegrowers from the Languedoc region in France are revolting against cheap imports from Spain, reports Giovanni Morelli, who has some last minute trips to Umbria and the Venice Biennale before his return to Ireland Have you noticed a new word, well not a new word but a new meaning, in the lexicon of politicians? ‘Unacceptable!’

The mystery of the Malvasia Nera

Giovanni Morelli dons his best deerstalker to become our super sleuth on the trail of some interesting offerings to end the summer, and stumbles upon a record-breaking sale for an Australian bottle I don’t read crime novels, but a piece in the New York Times caught my eye recently, entitled ‘The Delicious World of Bruno, Chief of Police’ (July 24,

Knowing your organic ABCs

Giovanni Morelli asks what makes 'organic' wine organic, and wonders if it tastes any different

Of Corsican you can

Our expert learns that, surprisingly, the island is home to a pleasant Pinot Noir