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Dr Garrett FitzGerald

The good old days…

The idyllic childhood of fighting, stone-throwing and general dysfunction had to end

Against all the odds

The authorities have been making the same mistakes with increasing confidence for three decades

Having the time of our lives in ’66

Having taken the Oregon Trail in ’66 after graduation, Dr Garrett FitzGerald recalls the welcome and encouragement of the late Dr ‘Buck’ Shields — an inspirational role model for any doctor in the making

One word too many in ‘big lie’ on money solution

Debunking the big lie that money can’t solve the problems in the health service, Dr Garrett FitzGerald laments the fact that we have yet another government planning for Mercedes while using Lada money

Florrie my eye! The reality of modern nursing

The conditions of the Irish health service have meant nurses said goodbye to the days of Florence Nightingales many moons ago, and find themselves instead battling against the lure of foreign but better lands, says Dr Garrett FitzGerald

A good dressing down

While a certain sartorial look was once expected among the professional classes in Dublin during his former UCD days, Dr Garrett FitzGerald recalls the quite different ‘uniform’ on taking up his registrar post in Galway.

The Alphabet Factor

With the meteorologists running out of letters to name the storms of 2016, Dr Garrett FitzGerald recounts the events of the ‘Night of the Big Wind’ in 1839, and its unusual ill-effects on one of his Mayo ancestors.

The past is a different country

While researching his family tree, Dr Garrett FitzGerald discovered some unusual annotations in the baptism entries for the 1850s, recording the christening of many a Winny, George, Cecily or Gyles with a particular, frowned-upon parentage.