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When sorry is the hardest word

In addition to failures at timeously communicating with patients and with GPs, the failure to apologise to GPs also stood out to Lloyd Mudiwa

Blowing the whistle against disrespect

The IMO (and the IHCA) are no longer alone in trying to tackle the general lack of common decency shown to NCHDs in the health service, Lloyd Mudiwa writes

What is accountability?

Lloyd Mudiwa ponders the definition of accountability in so far as it is applicable to Health Minister Simon Harris’s recent promise to slash hospital waiting lists

The youngest, best and brightest

The future is bright for Ireland’s amazing young medical and health sciences student researchers, writes Lloyd Mudiwa

A good health news story for a welcome change

The Irish Healthcare Awards 2017 was a night of different emotions ranging from anxiety, to disappointment and overwhelming joy and pride in our health service, for Lloyd Mudiwa