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Dr Muiris Houston

What does it mean to be truly bilingual?

The ‘foreign language effect’ could be hugely important in healthcare, says Dr Muiris Houston, who feels often it is only an Irish word that seems to do his strong emotions justice

GPs shouldering an increasing burden

The blame for the hospital emergency department crowding crisis cannot be foisted on general practice alone, Dr Muiris Houston contends

Digitally connected to health

Is moving by the world’s traditional news media toward web-first strategies bad news for our health?

Squaring the GP training circle

Maintaining its core activities and by extension, retaining GP trainees, could prove impossible for the ICGP, Dr Muiris Houston fears

Dingo lingo: The way Australians actually speak

Fresh from evading making awkward remarks Down Under, Dr Muiris Houston recounts some of his favourite phrases from the local Aussie lingo, including a zany description of dehydration

Simple positivity helping burnout

Down from the traditional seven strategies to prevent burnout, Dr Muiris Houston considers the case for fighting fatigue with only ‘three good things’

A chilling real-life medical thriller

The recent convening of a National Public Health Emergency Team to tackle carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae made Dr Muiris Houston realise the post-antibiotic era is no longer a fake reality

Is there a doctor on board?

Dr Muiris Houston wonders if doctors should always press the in-flight button when asked to assist a fellow passenger