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Dr Dermot J Ward

The positive face of electroconvulsive therapy

Dr Dermot J Ward explores the controversial area of electroconvulsive therapy, and applauds one journalist’s tale of how it transformed his brother’s life My younger son, who lives on the same landmass as me, reads The Guardian newspaper (slightly left), whereas my favourite newspaper poison is The Telegraph (slightly right).

Giving away one’s authority

Doctors here have seemed unable to protect patients against predatory politicians with wacko slogans

A GMC Odyssey

'I have wondered about a possible dilution of the assumed fairness of IMC hearings'

A doctor in the House?

Unlike in Ireland, it has been quite a while since the UK health service was led in Westminster by a doctor, and Dr Dermot J Ward believes that hasn’t necessarily been to its benefit

Having breakfast with Enoch Powell

Dr Dermot J Ward recalls a chance breakfast encounter with then British Secretary of State for Health Enoch Powell, and how the British politician seriously damaged the mental health services through the mass closure of hospital beds

Hey, Junior. What’s in a name?

With the Junior Doctors’ strike in the NHS in full swing, Dr Dermot J Ward asks if a name change similar to that made here in Ireland might be beneficial for younger doctors, so as to no longer diminish the gravity and responsibility of their role.

Choosing a different path for our dying

Dr Dermot J Ward believes the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient in the UK is potentially pushing elderly patients in Britain to an unnecessary and premature death.