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Nurturing emotional resilience

Dr Stephen McWilliams reviews a new practical book by fellow Irish psychiatrist Dr Keith Gaynor on how to nurture our psychological health.

Leaving a mark on Irish psychiatry

I must thank Dr Brendan Kelly (Mater, Dublin) — via Dr Aiden Collins (St Vincent’s, Fairview) — for my copy of this lovely book.

Caught in the 1916 crossfire

A new book provides fascinating and detailed insights into one of the most pivotal battles of the 1916 rising — the battle for control of the Four Courts in Dublin, writes Pat Kelly.

Studies in the school of hard knocks

Dr Patrick Rowan reviews a limited-edition book that chronicles one doctor’s working life in adverse social and medical conditions.

More than a flick-through read

Aoife Connors reviews a debut novel that gives an honest and entertaining depiction of teenage life in modern Ireland, with just that added twist.

The curious case of the missing postman

Dr Charles Daly reviews a new book examining the mysterious disappearance of postman Larry Griffin in Stradbally, Co Waterford, on Christmas Day 1929

James Joyce and the art of everyday living

With the recent publication of Prof Declan Kiberd’s commentary on Ulysses, Dr John Wallace reflects on the development of the book that revolutionised the modern novel {openx:269} James Joyce had little time for middle-class thrift.