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Life itself

I’d like one of everything and coal for my enemies

Berna Cox writes a Christmas letter to Santa, in which she asks for peace and goodwill and coal for queue jumpers {openx:269} Dear Santa, Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Honestly, the gap between one Christmas and the next seems to get shorter every year.

Live your childhood dreams

Berna Cox talks about the ‘sci-fi nerd’ who showed courage and optimism in the face of a terminal cancer prognosis, and caught the attention of millions {openx:269} Around this time last year, the latest Star Trek prequel movie hit the cinema screens and now, 12 months later, the DVD is hitting the shops.

Leavin’ on a jet plane

Berna Cox nearly beat the lump in her throat at Dublin Airport, but the Irish mammy losing a child to emigration was defeated {openx:269} At the best of times, airports do it to me.

Saying it with flowers is quiet eloquence

Berna Cox writes that a giving someone a bunch of flowers — though a hackneyed gesture — is still a wonderful way to express affection {openx:269} A ccording to the June 1949 issue of The Rotarian, Henry Penn was the Boston florist who first came up with the slogan ‘say it with flowers’ sometime around the early 1920s.

Advice to young lovers everywhere

Berna Cox is celebrating 30 years of something approaching marital bliss — if she makes it through the week! {openx:269} If we’re spared and if we don’t kill each other in the meantime, himself and myself will celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss (well, bliss-ish, if you’ll allow me a little literary and etymological licence) next week.

Other places just can’t hold a candle to Emly

Berna Cox is delighted that Emly is getting the reward it deserves, having saved her daughter from certain academic failure {openx:269} When this year’s Tidy Towns results were announced, the lady representing Emly in Co Tipperary was delira and excira.

The perks and perils of being the baby

Berna Cox writes that far from being spoiled and petted, the youngest child in the family always gets a rough deal {openx:269} I read an article recently penned by a 16-year-old girl, which was entitled ‘Top Ten Things That Aggravate Teenagers’.