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Money matters with — Eddie Hobbs

In a new column for Irish Medical Times, financial guru Eddie Hobbs says that many pension funds — including the GMS pension fund — haven’t allowed for double-digit inflation, which is likely in the coming years.

When your word is as good as your bond

Conor White writes that investing in corporate bonds should be safer than investing in equity and that bonds outperform stocks at certain times in the economic cycle — like now, for instance.

Tax-based incentives for private healthcare

Much has been written about tax incentives provided to private hospitals, but how do they work? Conor White of Goodbody Stockbrokers answers the most commonly asked questions Private hospitals in this country are generally funded by a combination of bank debt, tax equity and promoter equity.

Kids get savvy with their savings

Berna Cox writes that children who, until now, have been reaping the benefits of their parents’ Celtic Tiger lifestyles will have to learn how to squirrel away some savings for a rainy day.

The telecoms sector and performance predictors

Conor White gives us an overview of the telecoms sector, which is better insulated than most against a worsening economy, and reports on some of the major players in the sector such as KPN.

A look at self-directed retirement portfolios

Conor White outlines the benefits of establishing self directed retirement portfolios, which allow professionals to have an effective tax management plan in place for minimising tax on earned income.

Asset challenges lie ahead

Asset allocation looks at the question of how much of one’s savings one should invest in different asset classes.

Credit crunch has not bitten down on Colgate

Conor White examines the stock prices of Bayer and Colgate and finds them both to be in good shape, despite the challenges of the current economic climate BAYER E52.