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Insight and inspiration

Reviewing a play in which the human relationship in the face of death and disability is explored with tenderness, and some humour, Prof Eoin O’Brien believes Tuesdays With Morrie will enrich understanding for all who care for ill people.

Telly Medicine

Aoife Connors brings you a round-up of the upcoming medically-related programmes on television and radio.

Kids are alright in fly-on-the-wall doc

In her preview of upcoming medical-related TV and radio programmes, Aoife Connors looks forward to a fly-on-the-wall series based in a Manchester Children’s Hospital.

The real literary detectives

Dr Stephen McWilliams plots the links between literary figures and detective novels — some with a strong medical influence — and investigates the possibility of writing his own sleuthing novel.

When I was young and so much younger than today..

John Wallace looks at the recently restored film Help! starring The Beatles What impressed John Lennon about Paul McCartney when they first met in 1957, was that the 16-year-old McCartney could tune his own guitar.

Legends of music set to play Ireland

Dr John Wallace takes a nostalgic look back at the histories and the rock ‘n’ roll craziness behind some of the well-known artists that are coming to our shores to perform this summer.

In Bruges and the mass hysteria of bad taste

In Bruges is an awful film, not in the way Armageddon or Independence Day were awful, but subtly awful, like the way it goes when you see a beautiful woman from a long way off, but when you meet her she is a homeless man begging for money.

Gonna buy 5 copies for my mother

Dr John Wallace looks at a book detailing the history of the most influential magazine in pop culture, Rolling Stone, which doubles as a history of the culture of recent times A fascinating book, Rolling Stone, 1000 Covers, is not just about the evolution of a magazine, but about the evolution of the culture of our times.