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No Rome or reason

'The IT people changed the system but never told us!'

Georgian Dublin on my mind

Prof Pierce Grace reviews a fascinating book on Georgian Dublin, which explores the social, political and indeed medical worlds inhabited by the ‘citizens’ of the capital in the 1700s and early 1800s ‘For Dublin can be heaven With coffee at eleven And a stroll in Stephen’s Green.

Turkish wines by the Galen

In Turkey recently as guests of the Turkish Society of Hematology, Giovanni Morelli was able to visit a vineyard owned by the neurosurgeon, taste some lovely blends, and take in one of Greek physician Galen’s ancient workplaces.

Nurturing emotional resilience

Dr Stephen McWilliams reviews a new practical book by fellow Irish psychiatrist Dr Keith Gaynor on how to nurture our psychological health.

Vintage advice from the 18th Century

Given a Christmas present of a facsimile of Irish physician Dr Edward Barry’s 1775 book on wine, Giovanni Morelli believes its observations are as relevant today as they were in the 18th Century.

2015 — a vintage year

Giovanni Morelli learns 2015 will probably produce the best Sangiovese vintage for 15 years, and that sometimes you can judge a wine simply by looking at the label.

The wine merchant of Venice

Giovanni Morelli hits the autostrade to sample some of the fine artwork at the current Venice Biennale, tasting some proper road-side coffee and some some wines from the Dolomites along the way.