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HRB launches national clinical research network

The Health Research Board (HRB) has launched a new clinical research network which will make it easier for patients, companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs) to access, participate in, and carry out clinical trials.

Avoiding VIP syndrome

Having a famous person as one’s patient can sometimes distract or pressurise a doctor into practising ‘bad medicine’, explains Dr Muiris Houston, and with devastating effect.

Reservations on repealing 8th Amendment

Dear Editor, I wholeheartedly agree with the views expressed by Dr Ruairi Hanley in his piece on the repeal of the 8th Amendment, and would like to add that he has given encouragement to the many Irish doctors who have reservations on the issue (IMT, ‘Why every life counts’, September 30, 2016).

Proper perinatal care needed for ‘life-limiting conditions’

Dear Editor, On behalf of all of the families in Every Life Counts, I would like to say a sincere thank you to Dr Ruairi Hanley (IMT, September 30, 2016) who understands that our children’s lives are important and have value, however short those lives may be.

Respect not ‘name calling’ is required on abortion issue

Dear Editor, I appreciate Dr Ruairi Hanley’s opinion, and indeed applaud his call to action on all sides of the debate regarding the repeal of the 8th Amendment, as espoused in his recent article in the IMT (‘Why every life counts’, September 30, 2016).

Decision on forensic hospital delayed

A decision to grant the contract for the construction of the new National Forensic Hospital in Portrane North Dublin was delayed by the HSE earlier this year pending a discussion with the Department of Health on the need for additional funding, IMT reports.