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  • Steroids, stress and sunblock: Barriers to bone health in IBD

    Dr Anne M Fennessy and Prof Glen A Doherty discuss the barriers to bone health in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and raise important issues that need to be addressed to optimise bone health in the Irish IBD population

  • HSE moots monthly compliance monitoring

    HSE, Department collaborate on monitoring waiting list action down to individual consultant level

  • Oireachtas highlights counselling need for the stressed middle class

    Joint Committee on the Future of Mental Healthcare heard State spends little on talk therapy

  • A perennially dysfunctional health system

    Dr Muiris Houston, who has seen it all before and is forced to once again ask a difficult question, demands nothing less than full and frank disclosure

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    Clinical Times

    A perspective on prescribing BZDs and Z-drugs

    The role of the doctor has evolved to that of a conduit for the distribution of ‘relaxers’ and ‘sleepers’, according to GP Dr William Ralph, who proposes a taxing solution to a significant challenge

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    Repurposing old ways of treating sepsis

    More than six million people worldwide die each year from sepsis; Prof Steve W Kerrigan examines some of the latest badly needed approaches to treatment of the life-threatening organ dysfunction

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