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March 30, 2015

Council publishes criteria for inspecting training sites

Training sites will be required to appoint an individual accountable for the implementation of new Medical Council requirements for the quality assurance of specialist training programmes for NCHDs, and that the centre meets any obligations agreed locally with postgraduate training bodies, IMT reports.

Medical Council publishes criteria for inspecting training sites

The Medical Council has published criteria for the evaluation of training sites supporting specialist training for doctors — which it has said will be a key quality assurance activity — and expects the settings to meet these 18 principles from January, IMT reports.

Recession impacts doctors’ health

Contrary to belief in some quarters that well-paid doctors have been better insulated than the rest of the Irish population from the effects of the financial crisis, numbers of clinicians attending the Medical Council’s Health Committee has increased year on year since 2010, largely owing to the recession.

MC to police cover requirements

The Minister for Health published the Medical Practitioners (Amendment) Bill 2014 on August 1, which ensures medical practitioners have adequate indemnity insurance, a requirement to be enforced by the Medical Council.

Three doctors for every 1,000 people

There were 18,160 doctors, 41 per cent of them female, registered during 2013 with the Medical Council entitling them to practise medicine in Ireland — giving a ratio of three doctors to every 1,000 people in the country, according to the regulatory body’s annual report 2013.

Patients complain most over diagnosis

Preliminary data from the Medical Council’s forthcoming second ‘Medical Workforce Intelligence Report’ to be published this month shows that 10 per cent of doctors aged 25-29 years chose to leave the medical register in 2013.

MC inquiries are ongoing

The Medical Council has underscored that it has continued to receive and deal with complaints ahead of a priority Supreme Court hearing, which will settle the intended definition of the term “poor professional performance” under the Medical Practitioners Act 2007.

Medical Council ends paper certificates

The Medical Council is introducing electronically issued annual retention certificates that will replace the traditional hard-copy certs issued to date, Irish Medical Times has learned.

Medical Council wants to ‘enhance’ complaints system

The Medical Council has stressed that one of its strategic objectives is to “influence enhanced procedures” to progress complaints throughout the health system.  

Medical Council recognises new specialties

The Medical Council has recognised three new specialties, paving the way for enhanced education and training opportunities for doctors in the areas of intensive care medicine, neonatology and pain medicine in Ireland.

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