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August 31, 2015

Form, fit and function of consultants

Dr Dermot J Ward examines the functions of a full-time hospital consultant and the trouble with so-called ‘part-timers’ in the profession.

On-call and call-out payments corrected

The HSE and its funded agencies have been once again directed to correct erroneously implemented payments, this time relating to allowances for hospital consultants.

Consultants urged to ‘manage NCHDs’ time’ as ECJ looms

Ireland is likely to be before the European Court of Justice (ECJ)  in 2015 in relation to EWTD compliance and thus the Secretary General of the Department of Health has highlighted the importance of consultants “proactively managing” the working time of their NCHDs.

Budget 2015 must offset years of underfunding – IHCA

The IHCA has called on the Government to provide significantly increased funding for acute front-line health services in Budget 2015 to offset years of underfunding and excessive cuts.

Plugging the brain drain of our consultants

Dara Gantly examines the latest consultant pay proposal to emerge from the Labour Relations Commission (LRC), and wonders how damaging of a torpedo advertising for a new consultant post under a disputed contract might prove.

IHCA welcomes MacCraith, but warns of ‘brain drain’

The IHCA has today (July 8) welcomed the recommendations of the third MacCraith report, which highlights the growing recruitment crisis that currently exists in the health system.

Consultant appointments ‘should be redesigned’ — MacCraith

The current multi-step consultant appointment process should be “re-designed and modernised” as a matter of priority, a new report published today (July 7) has urged.

Recruitment and retention remain main issues for consultants’ group

Gary Culliton spoke with Chairman of the Consultant Committee of the IMO Prof Trevor Duffy about why the health service is continuing to have such a difficult time recruiting consultants, and the limitations of relying on a locum workforce.

The haves and the have-nots

Dara Gantly examines why the Government is changing its mind on a two-tier consultant salary.

Rest days proposals accepted following ballot

By Gary Culliton. IMO consultants have accepted CME and the rest days proposals following a ballot of members. Following negotiations, the “onerous nature” of 1:3 and 1:4 rotas has been recognised and health service management has committed to the elimination of all rotas in excess of a 1:5 requirement.

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