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June 29, 2016

Just don’t rock the sinking boat

North Dublin GP Dr Marcus de Brun believes the State, the training colleges, patients and their GPs are all contributing to the significant problems facing our health service.

At fault on the quake

North Dublin GP Dr Marcus De Brun believes man-made actions are partly to blame for the extent of the devastation following the earthquake in Japan.

Why I rip my patients off

Rush GP Dr Marcus De Brun explores a hypothetical rationale behind the current financial structures in general practice Mary works part time at a local supermarket. She has a three-year-old daughter, Annie. Mary’s husband, Ben, is a bus driver. Mary and her family are just outside the eligibility threshold for a medical card. Mary has […]

Beneath the shrouds of the foggy dew

North Dublin GP Dr Marcus De Brun draws a parallel between the billions now being used to bail out the banks and the millions poured across the Irish Sea during the famine and in the decades before independence There is a timely documentary series on TG4 at the moment, which details the lives of the […]

An immodest proposal

North Dublin GP Dr Marcus de Brun believes the current ruling establishment has breached the Constitution so many times that it is high time they were replaced I would like to propose a solution to the present economic, social and health crisis that the Irish State presently finds itself in. The solution may appear radical […]

Watching the watchmen

North Dublin GP Dr Marcus de Brun believes the real agenda behind the recent Competition Authority report into the GMS is to pave the way for ministerial cuts in GP fees A personal coinage of Simon Dedalus in Ulysses, the phase ‘shite and onions’ was once used by Gerry Adams with unconcealed cynicism to the […]

State-sanctioned corruption in Irish medicine

Dear Editor, I have long been of the opinion that the fundamental basis of the majority of problems that beset the Irish health service is a consequence of political corruption, public ignorance and individual greed. For these and other reasons, I moved to New Zealand five years ago with my family. I had the wonderful […]