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May 22, 2015

Digesting a sweet and sour contract

Dear Editor, GPs have just received the under-sixes contract. It has been described as sweet and sour.

Should GPs sign the new contract?

Dear Editor, At last it has arrived. After years of waiting GPs have the eternity of three weeks to decide if they are prepared to sign a contract that IMO negotiator and former GP Chair Dr Ray Walley has described as a ‘good deal’.

Let’s not make unequal things equal

Dear Editor, The Irish people are largely a civil and obliging people: eager to please, eager to be seen to please, and quick to support the underdog.

Honest and scientific debate required by all

Dear Editor, I congratulate the IMT editorial team on facilitating this vital debate thus far on vaccinations.

Doctors offer the most hope and the least harm

Dear Editor, I write to support as strongly as possible the stance taken by Dr Ruairi Hanley on the importance of child vaccination, tried and trusted regimens and his condemnation of those voices, intoxicated by a heady mix of ignorance and arrogance, who challenge the science-based medical evidence of vaccine effectiveness and the importance of […]

Love and the Marriage Referendum

A poem…

Surgeries may become hub of infection

Dear Editor, The under-sixes contract has generated so much talk and debate in recent months. Every medical publication and broadsheet newspaper is peppered with the latest developments in this hot topic, while both sides have been argued and debated to the last.

All GPs must ‘unite on the contract’

Dear Editor, Wicklow Town and surrounds GPs (14 out of 18) have expressed the view that the under-sixes deal could have been better; as it stands, it is much more work for some extra pay, and most would not sign it if given free choice.

The IMC could cut down on expenses ‘and’ delays for overseas doctors

Dear Editor, Last week, a few PRES candidates from Pakistan complained that even eight months after application they were yet to receive any response from the Irish Medical Council (IMC).

IMO scores more ‘own goals’

Dear Editor, Your recent letter from accountant Michael Ahern (‘Contract would be ‘ethical and financial fiasco’, IMT, April 10, 2015) is to be welcomed.

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