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December 19, 2014

Some jam needed on top of bread and butter work

Dear Editor, I wish to take some issue with my good colleague, Dr Ruairi Hanley, in his November 28 column (‘From majority pay issues to minor ailments’).

A second glance is needed for reliability on OECD figures

Dear Editor, The OECD has just released the 2014 version of its annual ‘Health at a Glance’ document, which compares health data from all the European countries

A modest proposal for determining eligibility of medical/visit cards

Dear Editor, I believe that there may be a much better solution to the targeting of assistance by way of medical cards or GP visit cards to those most in need than anything currently being proposed.

Don’t dismiss nuclear power as a solution to our energy needs

  Dear Editor, I commend Dr Philip Michael’s efforts to make us more aware of anthropogenic climate change

GPs need to protect income not line pharmacists’ pockets

Dear Editor, Great idea in your recent ‘Hanley Report’ (‘From majority pay issues to minor ailments’, IMT, 28.11.14). Let the pharmacist take the pressure and income off the poor GPs. Then let them improve their own income accordingly.

A whey to escape

Dear Editor, I would like to highlight whey powder, which is included in so many processed foods, as a contender for the cause of the current obesity epidemic and increased incidence of hypertension.

Government cannot be allowed further ruin GP care

Dear Editor, So Minister for Health Dr Leo Varadkar is displeased as children under six are still not being seen “for free” despite it being “the law of the land”.

A word of advice to HSE employees in disputes

Dear Editor, I would be grateful if you could allow me to alert readers who are employees of the HSE to the importance of using registered post in their communications with their employer in the event of any dispute.

Minocycline researched in other areas

Dear Editor, Congratulations to Prof Ted Dinan and his team at UCC on discovering and developing a new paradigm for our understanding of schizophrenia (‘Gut bacteria may hold key to schizophrenia’, Irish Medical Times, October 31, 2014).

Doctors slowly getting message

Dear Editor, I would like to draw your attention to an editorial in a recent BMJ edition co-authored by Dr David McCoy of MEDACT calling on WHO to declare climate change a public health emergency.

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