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October 24, 2014

Doctors also need to vent their spleen

Dear Editor, My commendations to Dr Patricia Black for her letter (‘Doctors and society cannot ignore the issue of aggressive patients’, IMT 10/10/14). It is on such matters I often wish you had a forum for debate wherein a ‘username’ would dilute the exposure to personal attack.

Role of consultant medical boards more than just a Greek chorus

Dear Editor, Dr Colm Henry, HSE Clinical Lead for the Clinical Directorate Programme, in an interview (IMT, 29/8/14), highlights that the consultant medical board, an early form of clinical leadership is now passé.

GP dumb!

Do politicians give a damn About the plight of their fellow man? Or is their only thought, let’s say, Get re-elected come what may? Find an issue, sort the sound bite, Spin it, milk it with all their might, Then get it on the statute books, All that matters is how it looks! Kid’s referendum […]

Benefits and harms need airing on breast screening

Dear Editor, Dr Bridget O’Brien’s recent letter on mammography (IMT, September 26, 2014) reminds one that BreastCheck in its recruiting documentation continues to avoid providing information on risks associated with the procedure. Dr Dermot Walsh, Blessington, Co Wicklow.

‘A tweet to jail’: Bahrain in 2014

Prof Eoin O’Brien on the recent arrest of Nabeel Rajab on his return to Bahrain.

Doctors and society cannot ignore the issue of aggressive patients

Dear Editor, I am writing in reply to the recent article written by Dr Ruairi Hanley, entitled ‘The abuse must end’ (IMT,September 26, 2014). Dr Hanley is absolutely right to highlight the issue of patients resorting to either physical or verbally aggressive behaviour, and he is to be commended for putting aside political correctness.

Palliative care can make the most of life – AIIHPC

Dear Editor, I would like to inform your readers that a nationwide campaign to highlight how palliative care can improve the quality of life of any person with an incurable illness is currently taking place during the first-ever Palliative Care Week, which runs from October 6 to 11.

Minister Varadkar simply mixing the message on medical cards

Dear Editor, In an interview shortly after being appointed as Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar said an awful lot of money had been taken out of general practice. Last week, after the GP protest, he stated that fees had gone up for GPs since this Government came to power.

Conflicts of interest contribute to our dysfunctional system

Dear Editor, I attended last week’s NAGP protest outside the Dáil along with 200-odd, conservatively dressed, mainly middle-aged and balding GPs. The ladies, though not balding, were also mostly middle aged, but fewer in number, despite one speaker lauding the feminisation of general practice.

Applying Loeb’s laws

Dear Editor, It would seem to me that Minister of Health Leo Varadkar’s medical training is aiding him in his brief, as I believe it did in his previous ministry.

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