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February 9, 2016

Is there a political will to change?

Dear Editor, An election is on the horizon, and one cannot help noticing politicians being more busy to position themselves ‘favourably’ for votes. It looks as if they have left the agenda they had coming into office and are now concentrating on retaining their positions.

Informed view on abortion is required by Minister

Dear Editor, The Health Consumer Powerhouse would like to comment on some of the reactions of Minister for Health Dr Leo Varadkar to our report on the Euro Health Consumer Index 2015.

Back to the land of serenity

Dear Editor, I was trained in Ireland and underwent rotation in many different hospitals. For the majority of the time I was in Ardee, Co Louth, which was then governed by the North-Eastern Health Board. I have fine memories of working in Ireland, initially as a senior house officer and then as a registrar in […]

Opening of GMS inflated GP numbers

Dear Editor, In response to claims made by the HSE that GP numbers have increased from 2,000 in 2009 to 2,400 last year (‘GPs may run in election’, IMT, January 15, 2016), the reason that GP numbers have risen during this time is due to the change in the eligibility rules introduced by the HSE […]

New voice on old concerns

Founding President of the NAGP Dr Conor McGee outlines his vision of the future for the GP representative body and general practice in Ireland to Lloyd Mudiwa.

Fewer doctors, more common sense

Dear Editor, In Old Ireland, Brehon Law offered the provision that a freeman might sit outside the house of his debtor and starve himself to death in order to shame his oppressor into recompense.

Nothing ‘normal’ about retirement age of GPs

Dear Editor, Your highlighting of the newly published ICGP report on ‘Transition: Retirement Planning for the GP’ is welcome (‘Disillusioned older GPs plan early retirement’, IMT, December 11, 2015), especially for those of us on the wrong side of the half century whose previous preoccupations with politics and putting have been replaced with ruminations on […]

FEMPI reversal is a ‘first step’

Dear Editor, I see that the HSE has asked GPs not to refer to some Emergency Departments this winter, continuing an old shibboleth that primary care is over-referring inappropriately. The fact that studies have long proven this to be false does not play with this discredited organisation.

Legislation can be ‘tipping point for major cultural change’

Dear Editor, The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill is a crucial response to one of our most significant public health problems. Alcohol misuse claims three lives every day in Ireland and we all know someone who has been affected in a harmful way by alcohol use — it is all too common.

My signature was missing from Ministerial missive

Dear Editor, A letter was published in a recent issue of Irish Medical Times, signed by 77 of my Mayo GP colleagues, entitled ‘Rural GPs demand action from Minister’ (IMT, Dec 18, 2015).

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