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September 4, 2015

Will patients feel better on plethora of new drugs?

Dear Editor, I read with interest the review of the TECOS study and found myself wondering why I would want to prescribe this drug (‘No major increased CVD risk from this DPP-4 inhibitor’, IMT, August 14, 2015).

NCH application is an ‘important milestone’

Dear Editor, The planning application for the development of a new National Children’s Hospital (NCH) for Ireland, on a shared campus with St James’s Hospital, has now been submitted. This is a hugely positive and important milestone for the project and we welcome it wholeheartedly.

Registrar also needs to walk a mile in GP shoes

Dear Editor, As a former ED registrar and a former GP, I read the recent letter from Dr Antonio Calvo (‘GPs should walk a mile in the ED’, IMT, 17 July, 2015, bit.ly/MileinED) with interest.

Government continues with ‘headless charge’ of free GP care

Dear Editor, It is important that the evidence informing national health policy not only be convincing, but that it is also reliable and comprehensive. However, I was disappointed by what I would consider a polarised interpretation of research about the benefits of universal free GP access presented at the recent MacGill Summer School.

Choice of term ‘stigma’ is offensive

Dear Editor, I object to editors cooperating in directing the term ‘stigma’ to mental health, as referenced in your recent online news item ‘Free primary care for those with mental illness’ (IMT, see http://bit.ly/IMTMentalHealthReform). I believe it is a deliberately hurtful term.

Opening up ‘The Doctor’s Case’ again

Dear Editor, Dr Maurice Guéret requires neither commendation nor introduction. His Medical Directory is as indispensable as a stethoscope and probably used more frequently.

GPs should walk a mile in the ED

Dear Editor, Emergency medicine is in a crisis and needs the help of every doctor in this country.

Failed campaign follows other shortcomings

Open letter to IMO President Dear President, Regarding the failed negotiations with the Irish Medical Council (IMC) relating to the hike in registration fees, I have to say that this result is hugely disappointing but not surprising.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Dear Editor, In the HSE’s quarterly glossy Health Matters, Director General Tony O’Brien says “we will listen to the views and opinions of our patients and service users” in planning and delivering services (no mention of the opinions or views of doctors or service providers).

Not all aboard the ‘Under-Sixes Express’

Dear Editor, You had some disturbing statements from the negotiators of the under-sixes contract in a recent edition (‘Two-thirds sign new contract’, IMT, June 19, 2015).

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