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November 20, 2014

Minocycline researched in other areas

Dear Editor, Congratulations to Prof Ted Dinan and his team at UCC on discovering and developing a new paradigm for our understanding of schizophrenia (‘Gut bacteria may hold key to schizophrenia’, Irish Medical Times, October 31, 2014).

Is Irish clinical practice dead?

Dear Editor, Time was when aspiring medical students were inculcated with the idea that good practice was based on good clinical examination and good history taking.

Medics involved in poliomyelitis response sought for oral history

Dear Editor, I am a medical historian and Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholar at the Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland, the School of History and Archives in University College Dublin.

Maturity is needed

Dear Editor, I am writing to thank Dr Ciaran Leonard for his contribution to the desire to address some of the emotional aspects of medicine

Pay cuts are a harsh reality for SATs

Dear Editor, We wish to commend IMT, and Mr Lloyd Mudiwa, for raising awareness of the newly proposed pay scales for streamlined specialist training programmes (‘No pay cuts for NCHDs — HSE’, October 24, 2014).

Trust me, I’m from Irish Water

Dear Editor, A pipe burst in a doctor’s house. He called a plumber. The plumber arrived, repaired the leak and handed the doctor a bill for €600.

Sweeping problem under the carpet

Dear Editor, Dr Muiris Houston, writing in Irish Medical Times on October 17 last, draws attention to the implications of the recent close vote against a proper enquiry into the IMO CEO scandal and concludes that the fallout is far from over

Lefties to their own devices

Dear Editor, I refer to the recent pictures you published of the Minister for Health and his two senior HSE staff ready to get the flu vaccine in their right upper arms (‘Healthcare workers are urged to get flu vaccination’, IMT, October 17, 2014). The odds of all three being left-handed are up to 1,000/1 […]

Please donate one consultation fee for Ebola victims

Dear Colleagues, I am writing this appeal to request one consultation fee to support the families of the victims of Ebola and those in quarantine in Makeni, Sierra Leone.

Doctors also need to vent their spleen

Dear Editor, My commendations to Dr Patricia Black for her letter (‘Doctors and society cannot ignore the issue of aggressive patients’, IMT 10/10/14). It is on such matters I often wish you had a forum for debate wherein a ‘username’ would dilute the exposure to personal attack.

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