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June 28, 2016

The curious case of Professor Corbally

Dear Editor, It is some time now since the President of the High Court and subsequently the Supreme Court unanimously confirmed Prof Martin Corbally’s innocence following the decision of a Fitness to Practise (FTP) committee of the Irish Medical Council (IMC) to find Prof Corbally guilty of poor professional performance.

Alcohol’s pole position in F1 is wrong

Dear Editor, In light of the recent statistics issued by the Road Safety Authority that found that alcohol was a factor in almost 40 per cent of fatal road incidents, it is truly shocking to see Formula 1 agreed a five-year new sponsorship deal with Heineken.

‘Big Pharma’ has helped create antibiotic resistance

Dear Editor, In response to Dr Ruairi Hanley’s recent article on antibiotic resistance (‘It’s very simple, Simon’, IMT, June 10, 2016), please could your columnist spare us the simplistic left, socialism, idealists, baddies Vs right, capitalism, realists, goodies analogies.

A fresh look at family planning

Dear Editor, The World Health Organization defines fertility awareness-based methods (FABM) of family planning as: “Methods that involve identification of the fertile days of the menstrual cycle, whether by observing fertility signs such as cervical secretions and basal body temperature, or by monitoring cycle days.

Epigenetics are indeed a factor in obesity epidemic

Dear Editor, There was much good sense in Dr Ruairi Hanley’s recent piece on obesity (‘Your ‘takeaway message’ on obesity’, IMT, May 6, 2016), but he goes astray slightly in his comments about the potential genetic effects as a factor in the obesity epidemic.

FTP process has failed the profession

Dear Editor, I write in support of your recent correspondent Sean O’Sullivan, who criticised the poor leadership of the Irish Medical Council (IMC) (IMT, May 27, 2016).

Work as colleagues rather than compete as rivals

Dear Editor, It was heartening to read the recent opinion piece by Dr Ruairi Hanley in IMT (‘Dispensing advice on the phoney pharmacist war’, May 27, 2016) and I hope he speaks for many doctors.

Smoking ban legislation must not be undermined

Dear Editor, The Faculty of Public Health Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland is alarmed and deeply concerned at any suggestion that Ireland’s legislation on workplace smoking might be weakened and undermined.

Church’s role in our hospitals should never be forgotten

Dear Editor, I enjoyed the section in Dr Ruairi Hanley’s article recently on the positive role of the Catholic Church in our hospitals (‘A more catholic view of the Church’, IMT, May 13, 2016).

Leadership must come from the top as well

Dear Editor, Prof Freddie Wood, current President of the Medical Council, is quoted in your recent edition as saying that more doctors should take on ‘leadership’ roles (‘Leadership is ‘essential attribute’ — IMC President’, IMT, May 20, 2016).

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