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April 24, 2014

Caution is warranted on e-cigarettes craze

Dear Editor,  Progress has been described as the exchange of one nuisance for another nuisance, and it is a perennial process, often vividly illustrated in our emergency departments.

Let’s trust the doctor

Dear Editor, According to a recent survey, people perceive that doctors tell the truth 89 per cent of the time, TDs 23 per cent and Ministers 20 per cent.

No ‘errors’ on ETC from Mental Health Commission

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter published in IMT on March 28 from Dr Larkin Feeney (‘Commission’s ECT ‘error’’).  Let me assure your readers that the Mental Health Commission (MHC) has made no error on this matter.

Medical card patients should ‘sometimes’ not be charged a cent

Dear Editor, Patrick Burke of the PCRS wrote to family doctors on March 12, 2014  about charging for routine phlebotomy services.

Risk factors not fluoride key to higher cancer rates

Dear Editor, A report published on March 26 by Public Health England has concluded that there is no evidence of higher cancer rates in areas with fluoridated tap water, compared to those without fluoridation.

Smart cards could be used to restrict purchase of alcohol

Dear Editor, I recently came across an article in Irish Medical Times, published in January, entitled ‘Ireland’s high rate of alcohol is related to cancer deaths’ (17.01.14), in which Dr Marie Laffoy indicated that more than half of alcohol-related cancers are preventable by adhering to alcohol consumption guidelines.

Reality is far cry from Minister’s €250k spin

Dear Editor, Regarding your recent news item “GMS patients ‘worth double’” (IMT, March 21, 2014), it is time your paper drilled down into the spin the Minister and his ‘experts’ are shovelling out to you.

Minister is overexposed in IMT

Dear Editor, I continue to be bemused by the weekly repetition of various images of the Minister for Health in your publication.

Commission’s ECT ‘error’

Dear Editor,   It is with some trepidation that I venture an opinion on the controversial and misunderstood subject of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), but I feel I must challenge some of the ideas communicated in last week’s IMT article, ‘Continuing decline in ECT welcome, but more needed’ (IMT, March 21, 2014).

Debate on UHI continues

Dear Editor,   Health is a basic in our society, like roads and schools, and should therefore be publicly funded. A one-tier system should give everybody good basic healthcare at all levels.

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