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July 25, 2014

Teamwork is our primary goal

Dear Editor, I regularly read and enjoy the ‘Hanley Report’ in your publication.  It is important that general practice has a voice in these times of financial constraint. Indeed, there is no better man than Dr Ruairi Hanley who does not suffer fools gladly.

HSE ‘Guillotines’ negotiations

Dear Editor, It has been reported recently in your pages that the IMO has reached an agreement allowing it to ‘engage’ with the HSE; there must be a suspicion of casuistry as nowhere is there a reference to a right to negotiate.

HSE too ‘post haste’ with cutback

Dear Editor, The HSE are anxious and insisting that GPs perform phlebotomy on patients.

MC must change rules on Indian internships

Dear Editor, I am deeply disheartened by the step-motherly attitude of the Irish Medical Council towards Indian doctors who did their internship in India.

Right the wrongs of the present

Dear Editor, The Health Research Board’s latest study of alcohol consumption by Irish people — the National Alcohol Diary Survey — points to the fact that three-quarters of all alcohol is consumed in the context of binge drinking.

CTE ‘does not exist in rugby’

Dear Editor, I would like to respond to Dr Garrett FitzGerald’s recent article ‘A head of the game’ (IMT, June 13, 2014).

The prescription for changing our health finances

Dear Editor, In response to your recent news item ‘EU urges health finance reforms’ (IMT, June 6, 2014), what is it about the Irish and numbers?

‘Unsafe and undignified’ conditions

Dear Editor, As senior doctors in training and working in Ireland’s Emergency Departments, we welcome the most recent HIQA report, which identifies unsafe and overcrowded conditions in a major regional Emergency Department (ED).

Interesting researchers behind ‘gift to the world’

Dear Editor, I was most interested to read Dr John Wallace’s article (‘A gift to the world’, IMT, June 6, 2014) on the discovery of penicillin.

‘Rollin’ back the years on art therapy

Dear Editor, The opening of the Art Walk at St Luke’s Centre at Beaumont is worthy of applause.

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