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May 26, 2016

Smoking ban legislation must not be undermined

Dear Editor, The Faculty of Public Health Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland is alarmed and deeply concerned at any suggestion that Ireland’s legislation on workplace smoking might be weakened and undermined.

Church’s role in our hospitals should never be forgotten

Dear Editor, I enjoyed the section in Dr Ruairi Hanley’s article recently on the positive role of the Catholic Church in our hospitals (‘A more catholic view of the Church’, IMT, May 13, 2016).

Leadership must come from the top as well

Dear Editor, Prof Freddie Wood, current President of the Medical Council, is quoted in your recent edition as saying that more doctors should take on ‘leadership’ roles (‘Leadership is ‘essential attribute’ — IMC President’, IMT, May 20, 2016).

Capacity is not the only problem in the health service

Dear Editor, I read with interest the recent article written by Lloyd Mudiwa, which was succinctly summarised by its heading ‘Problems in our hospitals all come down to just one thing — capacity’ (IMT, April 15, 2016).

The green-eyed monster isn’t always imaginary

Dear Editor, I enjoyed the recent review of delusional disorders by Dr Ronan Rice and Dr Stephen McWilliams (IMT, April 22, 2016).

Profession has an interest in keeping dysfunctional system

Dear Editor, In order for a dysfunctional system to continue vested interests must benefit. We only hear about dysfunction in the public health system when we hear of waiting times in emergency departments (EDs), waiting times to see specialists, lack of diagnostic facilities for GPs etc.

NMH must keep its governance structure as part of SVUH move

Dear Editor, I write in my capacity as Chairman of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Striking contrast this side of Irish Sea

Dear Editor, I read with bemusement the recent motion backing the NHS junior doctors’ strike, which was passed at the recent IMO AGM in Sligo (‘IMO backs NHS strike’, April 8, 2016).

The case for injection sites

Dear Editor, Considering the recent political and media support around medically supervised injection sites, they now seem inevitable in Ireland. Rather than ‘if?’ the question has become ‘how?’

Time for unified voice at table

Dear Editor, I would like to respond to Dr Ruairi Hanley’s recent opinion article in Irish Medical Times (‘Tackling the IMO’s legacy issues’, March 25, 2016), in which he suggested GPs were entitled to be represented in the current contract talks by either the IMO or the NAGP.

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