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April 23, 2014

Showing some Dutch courage — part II

Dara Gantly continues his examination of our plans for universal health insurance (UHI), and why we need to re-embrace the Dutch model.

Time to show some Dutch courage

Dara Gantly examines whether the Government may have waved a white paper or white flag on the ideal of Universal Health Insurance.

Not a funny gag any more!

Dara Gantly asks why we are still debating gagging clauses in doctors’ contracts

Letting the Gini out of the bottle

As governments are warned over the long-term impact of further budget cuts, Dara Gantly examines the latest statistics on Ireland’s growing levels of inequality and the continuing social fallout from the economic downturn.

Tending to entry wounds

Dara Gantly examines the ongoing controversy surrounding the HPAT-Ireland test.

Reporting concerns is an ethical imperative

Dara Gantly examines a new survey on doctors’ attitude to reporting impaired or incompetent colleagues.

Read and weep all about it!

Dara Gantly fears the headlines to come if free GP care is brought in under the proposed draft GP contract.

Basket-weaving and the content of UHI

While recent speculation on universal healthcare has focused on possible charges associated with ‘free’ GP care, debate has yet to start on defining the basket of services that will ultimately be offered, writes Dara Gantly.

Ministers bearing gifts

Blink and you might have missed the consultation period for the most radical shake-up of general practice in 25 years, observes Dara Gantly.  

The same, only different for now

Returning from 18 weeks parental leave, Dara Gantly finds that not much has changed in the world of Irish medicine, apart from the prospect of the most radical shake-up of general practice in a quarter of a century.

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