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June 25, 2016

Cancer’s postcode lottery

Dara Gantly looks at why addressing health inequalities remains unfairly-divided pie in the sky

Disappointment at non-stick ‘no-fry zones’

Dara Gantly is disappointed that his native county has backed down on the fight against childhood obesity

There and back again

Dara Gantly on a Hobbit-like adventure in search of a new 10-year Health Strategy.

Practising ethical medicine

Dara Gantly further reflects on the new Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics

New minister must cut coat according to cloth

Dara Gantly examines the surprise elevation of Wicklow and East Carlow TD Simon Harris to the post of Minister for Health in the 32nd Dáil.

A ‘trial fibrillation’ for incoming Government

Dara Gantly examines what is promised in the new programme for partnership government published last week.

Diagnosing inequality

The ICS/ICGP ‘Access to Diagnostics’ report deserves immediate action, writes Dara Gantly.

Sending out an SOS for general practice

Dara Gantly looks at Prof Brendan Drumm’s unexpected reappearance in the headlines over the debate on primary care reform and funding of general practice.

Safer nurse staffing levels

Dara Gantly on how a new approach to determining staffing levels in our hospitals should ensure safer care for patients.

Learning our trolley ABCs to solve the crisis

Dara Gantly on how the solution to our trolley crisis could be as simple as ABC — or Acute Bed Capacity.

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