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July 24, 2014

Doctor, doctor, can I have a second opinion?

Dara Gantly examines what the profession can expect now that Minister Dr James Reilly has been replaced in Hawkins House by Minister Dr Leo Varadkar, and if having a medic in charge is still a good idea.

The unintended consequences of actions

Did the Government need its tarot cards to predict the ‘unintended consequences’ of the recent discretionary medical card reviews? asks Dara Gantly.

Can’t complain? Must complain

Dara Gantly on the need to complain more about our health service.

Human rights in our emergency departments

Dara Gantly wonders if it is time to investigate whether patients who encountered problems in our EDs had their human rights violated, now that an inquiry has been established in Northern Ireland.

Don’t shoot the messenger model

Dara Gantly on the likelihood the framework agreement between the Minister for Health and the IMO will bear fruit.

Going Dutch for our postgraduate training

Dara Gantly looks at the ‘D-RECT’ approach being taken to improve postgraduate medical training.

Exodus, stage left for our trainees

Dara Gantly examines the latest research on the great exodus of Irish doctors.

Masterclass on pay for performance

Could pay for performance be used to properly fund general practice, asks Dara Gantly.

Expectation reconciliation

  Dara Gantly on managing medications and expectations in the health service.

Talks about talks…

Dara Gantly on why it’s good to talk — even though you may not be able to negotiate.

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