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November 22, 2014

Early access no cure-all for HepC

Dara Gantly on the pressure to provide full access to powerful new treatments.

Thinking of the children

Dara Gantly picks up on some of the themes at this year’s Irish Healthcare Awards.

2B or not to be rid of FEMPI

As emergency provisions ‘unwind’, Dara Gantly examines the likelihood of recent cuts to GP fees ever being reversed.

Policy-based evidence

Dara Gantly asks where the evidence-based policy is when it comes to health reform.

Thinking outside the knowledge tissue box

Dara Gantly examines whether Budget 2015 is a development in health spending not to be sniffed at.

Ag teacht go luath

Dara Gantly takes a look at the latest iteration of our structural reform programme.

Another round in the alcohol debate

Dara Gantly asks whether the Government is measuring up to expectations when it comes to alcohol misuse.

Meet the Spartan GPs

Dara Gantly on the recent show of strength by GPs on the streets of Dublin.

Putting patient safety first and foremost

Dara Gantly asks whether it is time to enact legislation to ensure safe staffing levels, based upon nationally agreed standard dependency tools, are present in our health service.

Not a dead parrot in sight

Dara Gantly asks whether our ambitious health reforms are truly demised.

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