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July 30, 2015

Every little helps improve care

Working off two recent reports can help us provide a world-class service, believes Lloyd Mudiwa.

From GPs to ‘salary men/women’?

Dara Gantly on the likelihood of GPs becoming salaried employees under universal healthcare.

More cards mean more capacity

Gary Culliton says health reform requires increased resources for general practice.

Actions with the right words

Dara Gantly examines more troubling patient narratives from which the health service must learn.

The human rights and wrongs of EDs

What can we learn from the first human rights inquiry to investigate emergency care, asks Dara Gantly.

Unlocking the patient complaints box

Dara Gantly looks at how a ‘root and branch’ reform of our complaints process can enhance patient safety and the provision of care.

Are sugary drinks the ‘alcohol of childhood’?

Dara Gantly looks at whether we should nudge or shove the public towards a healthier lifestyle.

Fine-tuning our governance

With poor governance again in the spotlight following HIQA’s damning Portlaoise report, Dara Gantly examines what lies ahead for voluntary hospitals under the new groups structure.

Gimmie a ‘V’, gimmie an ‘H’…

Dara Gantly asks if the Minister for Health has become a cheerleader for the health insurance industry.

UHI if you want to…

Dara Gantly on Fianna Fáil’s late conversion against the multi-payer model of UHI.

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