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May 25, 2015

Fine-tuning our governance

With poor governance again in the spotlight following HIQA’s damning Portlaoise report, Dara Gantly examines what lies ahead for voluntary hospitals under the new groups structure.

Gimmie a ‘V’, gimmie an ‘H’…

Dara Gantly asks if the Minister for Health has become a cheerleader for the health insurance industry.

UHI if you want to…

Dara Gantly on Fianna Fáil’s late conversion against the multi-payer model of UHI.

The road to somewhere…

  Dara Gantly arrives back from the IMO AGM with a clearer pictured of where the Government wants to take general practice, if GPs want to follow.

A return to form at IMO AGM

A Minister for Health is returning to the IMO AGM this weekend, writes Dara Gantly.

Top dog in the barking stakes

Dara Gantly on the legal threat narrowly averted over HIQA’s damning Portlaoise report.

A very reasoned opinion

Dara Gantly examines the slow wheels of EU justice on the EWTD.

It’s the conditions, stupid!

Dara Gantly on some of the reasons why our NCHDs are leaving these shores in their droves.

Indicator for right turn

Dara Gantly believes the indicator data from the first annual report of the National Healthcare Quality Reporting System is pointing us in the right direction.

Dutch courage for negotiators

Dara Gantly on whether Dutch musicians will call the tune on a new GP contract.

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