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February 26, 2015

‘Crisis, what crisis?’

Dara Gantly examines when a health service challenge turns into a full-blown crisis.

Measure by measure

Dara Gantly on why the Government is kicking alcohol sponsorship of sports to touch.

At the GP/ED interface

Can general practice contribute to solving the ED overcrowding issue, asks Dara Gantly.

Honesty is the best policy

Dara Gantly examines how the Minister for Health has, is and will meet expectations.

Task Force 10 from Navarone

Dara Gantly on the need for another elite team to raid and destroy our enemy trolleys.

Letting patients die in EDs

Dara Gantly on how bad our ED overcrowding crisis has to get before action is taken.

A winter of chilling effect

Dara Gantly re-examines the stance of Minister for Health Dr Leo Varadkar on the abortion issue.

Peace and goodwill to all

Dara Gantly on why Christmas is the perfect time to end bullying of trainees.

Our health at a glance

Dara Gantly examines what the latest EU comparative data says about the Irish health service and the health status of our population.

Asking the impossible on medical cards?

Dara Gantly asks if listing conditions by eligibility could ever have been an ethical, forward-thinking or positive move.

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