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July 2, 2016

Exit stage left and right

Medical Columnist of the Year Dr Mick Molloy wants the Government to explain its contingency plans for the expected mass exit of consultants at the end of February 2012.

Less haste on Speed reporting

With news of Gary Speed’s death dominating much of the media last week, Dr Muiris Houston looks at how the media should be reporting the sensitive issue of suicide.

A tale of two conferences

As a researcher in pulmonary hypertension, Dr John Ryan was able to attend both pulmonary and cardiology international conferences and noticed the distinct differences between them.

Paramedics require an officer grade status

Dear Editor, In response to your recent article ‘New paramedic grade for National Ambulance Service (NAS) staff to be launched’ (Irish Medical Times, December 2, 2011, http://bit.ly/vTJkQM), the grade paramedics require most is the officer grade, which to date has been denied them by the HSE.

Lessons to be learned from the NCHD drive to Pakistan

Dear Editor, There has been much discussion, debate and concern expressed over the recent recruitment drive for NCHDs from Pakistan and India, in terms of the quality of the candidates, but a lot of this concern has been misplaced.

Slovak doctors in ‘state of emergency’

Dear Editor, I would like to inform your readers that the Slovakian government has announced a state of emergency in the healthcare sector, forcing doctors who have resigned en masse out of dissatisfaction with their salaries to continue working (see http://bit.ly/tWbNXl).

Legal test for Croke Park agreement

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent High Court case in which the Court considered whether a public service employee could rely on the terms of the Croke Park Agreement to prevent his employer from making him redundant.

Is a ‘fat tax’ just more anti-fat prejudice?

John Savage, Beauchamps Solicitors, examines the reasoning behind the possible introduction of a ‘fat tax’ and what the potential implications might be

A word to the wise

Dara Gantly on the kites and clues ahead of the budget that indicate which way the wind might blow for our health service.

The empire strikes back

Dr Ruairi Hanley hopes the debacle over the Father Kevin Reynolds incident will bring the loathing for the Catholic Church in some sections of the media to an end.

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