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November 24, 2014

Early access no cure-all for HepC

Dara Gantly on the pressure to provide full access to powerful new treatments.

Minocycline researched in other areas

Dear Editor, Congratulations to Prof Ted Dinan and his team at UCC on discovering and developing a new paradigm for our understanding of schizophrenia (‘Gut bacteria may hold key to schizophrenia’, Irish Medical Times, October 31, 2014).

A holiday spent waiting for Lari…

Our correspondent in a cloudy Algarve, Dr Garrett FitzGerald recounts his run-in with some dubious looking floaters in the hotel swimming pool and wonders whether airlines should set a surcharge for obese holidaymakers’ ‘excess baggage’.

Water, water, every where…

Dr Ruairi Hanley wonders if the national media is choosing to ignore the opinion of those who hold only contempt for the water charge protesters and the welfare culture many of them represent.

Supreme Court decision on birth registration

Ed Madden, BL, looks at the recent case in which the Supreme Court considered the High Court decision that the genetic mother of twins rather than their birth mother should be registered on their birth certificates.

Is Irish clinical practice dead?

Dear Editor, Time was when aspiring medical students were inculcated with the idea that good practice was based on good clinical examination and good history taking.

Access to services underpins inequalities

Dr Muiris Houston on the important point that the poorest in society have the greatest difficulty in accessing healthcare, and the need to understand and remove the barriers they face.

This is your captain speaking

Dr Muiris Houston looks at new research from Galway examining how the adoption of crew resource management used in the aviation industry can improve teamwork and co-ordination in medicine.

Thinking of the children

Dara Gantly picks up on some of the themes at this year’s Irish Healthcare Awards.

In praise — for once — of the Fourth Estate

For Dr Ruairi Hanley, the Sunday Business Post — which recently revealed a memo from the HSE allegedly promoting the manipulation of patient waiting lists — is one of the few shining lights in the Irish lay media landscape for investigative health reporting.

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