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September 23, 2014

Strive to resolve conflict in UHI debate

Dear Editor, I am anxious to express the idea of moving forward peacefully in the current debate on universal health insurance and also in what the health service can provide for the population in Ireland.

Current legislation is ‘misguided and ineffective’

Dear Editor, In response to your recent article ‘Life ‘preserved’ after termination’ (IMT, August 29, 2014), in pregnancy, Irish medicine has a long-held tradition of treating both patients: the expectant mother and her developing child.

Former President of the IMO hands back her membership

Following the resignation of former IMO President Dr Paula Gilvarry, Dr Ruairi Hanley suggests the IMO could do more to stop the run of negative headlines and improve members’ morale.

Final call for Stroke Awards nominations

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Irish Heart Foundation, I invite your readers to celebrate life after stroke by nominating stroke survivors for our charity’s fifth national Stroke Awards this December, hosted by RTÉ broadcaster Marty Whelan.

Protecting the viability of general practice

Dara Gantly wonders whether the time is fast approaching to ask the last doctor leaving our health service to please turn out the lights.

Who is representing our GPs before their Pearl Harbour or Hiroshima?

Dear Editor, I note from the letters page of Irish Medical Times (August 29, 2014) that Dr Tony Feeney personally knows six doctors who will retire early.

A Rose by any other sexual orientation

Attending the annual parade of fillies at Killarney Racecourse, Dr Ruairi Hanley bumped into new Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh, before witnessing what he terms a dramatic volte-face by feminist Ireland.

Lone voice of the whistleblower

Elucidating the whistleblower’s predicament, Dr Muiris Houston says to have to blow the whistle is a hard and lonely path he wouldn’t wish on any colleague.

No tiptoeing through the tulips

Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Brian O’Shea reviews a new translation of Prof Dick Swaab’s book on the brain, but is left a bit flat by the Dutch professor’s controversial stances and lack of scientific vigour.

Footballer alleged negligence against board

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent Scottish court case in which a man who was injured playing football claimed that he suffered damage when hospital employees failed to carry out an ultrasound scan requested by two different doctors.

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