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May 29, 2015

Are sugary drinks the ‘alcohol of childhood’?

Dara Gantly looks at whether we should nudge or shove the public towards a healthier lifestyle.

Government has been let ‘off the hook’ on the new under-sixes GP contract

Open letter to Dr Padraig McGarry, Chair, IMO GP Committee

Asthma cycle of care is misjudged

Dear Editor, The new contract for children under six contains a provision for a cycle of care for those with a diagnosis of asthma.

IMC is losing out on clinical exams

Dear Editor, Further to your recent letter (‘The IMC could cut down on expenses and delays for overseas doctors’, IMT, May 1, 2015) by Dr Shakya Bhattacharjee, it was highlighted that Kingram House’s expenses grew considerably last year.

What’s the beef on the new contract?

Despite growing intolerance over the under-sixes contract, Dr Ruairi Hanley believes every GP is entitled to their view and to act in the best interests of their practice, their patients and their personal incomes.

Fair dinkum to lingua Australasia

Strewth, says Dr Muiris Houston, as he tries to get to grips with some of the more colourful local lingo during his recent trip to Australia and New Zealand.

A sparkling account

Recalling his recent visit to the Korbel Champagne Cellars in California, Giovanni Morelli examines what makes its sparkling wine — and the Iberian Albariño – such an excellent aperitif.

Inspiration and know-how

Back at the Cortical Institute in the South-East, Dr Garrett FitzGerald recounts the team’s latest brain experiments aimed at ‘curing’ heterosexuality.

Wife’s photographs were used in evidence to assist husband’s case

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent UK High Court case in which the Court was asked to decide whether the actions of ambulance personnel, at least in part, were responsible for the tetraplegia of a man who had broken his neck in a fall at his home.

Co-habiting Ireland’s face-off in referendum

Dr Ruairi Hanley believes many will be voting ‘No’ in the marriage referendum not because they are against same-sex marriage, but because they are sick of being told how to think by an arrogant liberal elite.

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