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June 27, 2016

Explaining health outcomes

Dara Gantly on the important ‘bigger picture’ on health data and what we can learn from the EU

The curious case of Professor Corbally

Dear Editor, It is some time now since the President of the High Court and subsequently the Supreme Court unanimously confirmed Prof Martin Corbally’s innocence following the decision of a Fitness to Practise (FTP) committee of the Irish Medical Council (IMC) to find Prof Corbally guilty of poor professional performance.

Nurse appealed removal from register

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent England and Wales High Court case in which the Court considered an appeal by a registered nurse against a decision of the Conduct and Competence Committee of the Nursing and Midwifery Council that her name should be struck off the register

Taking funerals to the extreme

The latest trend of extreme embalming used in some funerals in the Americas is unlikely to threaten the traditional spiritual reverence and celebration of life seen at wakes in the West of Ireland, writes Dr Muiris Houston

Opening the GP transfer window

Dr Ruairi Hanley shares some of the concerns of the IMO over the transfer of GP training from the HSE to the ICGP, and urges the College to be proactive in terms of stamping out any hints of bullying of trainees

Alcohol’s pole position in F1 is wrong

Dear Editor, In light of the recent statistics issued by the Road Safety Authority that found that alcohol was a factor in almost 40 per cent of fatal road incidents, it is truly shocking to see Formula 1 agreed a five-year new sponsorship deal with Heineken.

Cancer’s postcode lottery

Dara Gantly looks at why addressing health inequalities remains unfairly-divided pie in the sky

Why salaried GPs won’t work

With suggestions that salaried GPs could be created to work in areas struggling to find doctors, Dr Ruairi Hanley spells out why the idea is such a bad one, and what the Minister for Health should be doing instead

The secret language of doctors

Medical abbreviations and acronyms can be a useful tool for doctors, but some of them should come with a health warning writ large, writes Dr Muiris Houston

‘Big Pharma’ has helped create antibiotic resistance

Dear Editor, In response to Dr Ruairi Hanley’s recent article on antibiotic resistance (‘It’s very simple, Simon’, IMT, June 10, 2016), please could your columnist spare us the simplistic left, socialism, idealists, baddies Vs right, capitalism, realists, goodies analogies.

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