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October 31, 2014

Policy-based evidence

Dara Gantly asks where the evidence-based policy is when it comes to health reform.

Sweeping problem under the carpet

Dear Editor, Dr Muiris Houston, writing in Irish Medical Times on October 17 last, draws attention to the implications of the recent close vote against a proper enquiry into the IMO CEO scandal and concludes that the fallout is far from over

High Court decides whether HSE owed duty of care to home owner

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent High Court case in which a woman sued the HSE following a fire at her home caused by the reckless behaviour of a vulnerable young woman who was a client of the service provider.

Doctors everywhere are under the cosh

It’s not just Irish doctors becoming disillusioned with their lot, as a crop of new books on the US health system has revealed to Dr Muiris Houston.

Lefties to their own devices

Dear Editor, I refer to the recent pictures you published of the Minister for Health and his two senior HSE staff ready to get the flu vaccine in their right upper arms (‘Healthcare workers are urged to get flu vaccination’, IMT, October 17, 2014). The odds of all three being left-handed are up to 1,000/1 […]

Please donate one consultation fee for Ebola victims

Dear Colleagues, I am writing this appeal to request one consultation fee to support the families of the victims of Ebola and those in quarantine in Makeni, Sierra Leone.

Going batty over rabies risk

Halloween came early this year with the uninvited arrival of a bat at the house of Dr Ruairi Hanley, who was surprised to learn that the flying creatures may now pose a public health risk of rabies.

Doctors also need to vent their spleen

Dear Editor, My commendations to Dr Patricia Black for her letter (‘Doctors and society cannot ignore the issue of aggressive patients’, IMT 10/10/14). It is on such matters I often wish you had a forum for debate wherein a ‘username’ would dilute the exposure to personal attack.

A sad spectacle of the Health Service Executive

The HSE will never ‘up its game’ and provide a 21st-Century service until it is challenged to do so by breaking up its failed monopoly once and for all, argues Dr Garret FitzGerald.

Role of consultant medical boards more than just a Greek chorus

Dear Editor, Dr Colm Henry, HSE Clinical Lead for the Clinical Directorate Programme, in an interview (IMT, 29/8/14), highlights that the consultant medical board, an early form of clinical leadership is now passé.

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