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October 2, 2014

Man brought discrimination claim against dental practice

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent Equality Tribunal case in which a man who suffers from the HIV virus made a complaint of discrimination against a dental practice after he was refused further treatment because of his condition.

The State must restore trust

Writing in IMT ahead of the IHCA Annual Conference, the Association’s Secretary General Martin Varley believes that patient safety is at risk if current underfunding continues.

Meet the Spartan GPs

Dara Gantly on the recent show of strength by GPs on the streets of Dublin.

Make ‘em laugh: food for Ig Nobel thoughts

From holy toast, slippery bananas and some unusually probiotic sausages, this year’s Ig Nobel awards on the theme of food proved to be interesting fare for Dr Muiris Houston.

Conflicts of interest contribute to our dysfunctional system

Dear Editor, I attended last week’s NAGP protest outside the Dáil along with 200-odd, conservatively dressed, mainly middle-aged and balding GPs. The ladies, though not balding, were also mostly middle aged, but fewer in number, despite one speaker lauding the feminisation of general practice.

Putting patient safety first and foremost

Dara Gantly asks whether it is time to enact legislation to ensure safe staffing levels, based upon nationally agreed standard dependency tools, are present in our health service.

Applying Loeb’s laws

Dear Editor, It would seem to me that Minister of Health Leo Varadkar’s medical training is aiding him in his brief, as I believe it did in his previous ministry.

Preparing for winter… yet again

The rules are simple, says Dr Garrett FitzGerald, and you can apply them every year: very cold weather in winter plus respiratory pathogens equals chaotic trolley numbers. But he does have some survival tips for his readers.

Risk assessment of mammography needed

Dear Editor, Escalating levels of breast cancer have given rise to global concern

Prisoner sought court intervention seeking transfer to nursing home

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent High Court case in which judicial review proceedings were taken against the Minister for Health and the Minister for Justice on behalf of a prisoner convicted of sexual offences.

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