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January 28, 2015

I wish they all could be California wines

Giovanni Morelli travelled to California before Christmas for a medical conference, but also headed out to the Napa, Sonoma and Russian River wine regions to taste the best of what winemaker and famous ophthalmologist Dr Robert Sinskey and retired neurosurgeon Dr Ernie Bates had to offer.

Did double life lead to psychiatric distress?

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent UK High Court case in which a former undercover police officer alleged that he suffered a psychiatric injury as a result of the failure of his employer to provide him with appropriate support during his period under cover.

Surprise winter comes again

Reeling from the completely predictable chaos in the emergency departments this month, Dr Garrett FitzGerald believes the ‘make more room at the inn’ argument must finally prevail, and that those in charge must, like Elvis, leave the building.

Task Force 10 from Navarone

Dara Gantly on the need for another elite team to raid and destroy our enemy trolleys.

Renewables urgently need to be brought on stream

Dear Editor, Further to Dr Pat Morrissey’s letter on December 12 last (‘Don’t dismiss nuclear power as a solution to our energy needs’), I am very familiar with the work of James Lovelock, James Hansen and George Monbiot.

Oddities of Oz are no longer the unfamiliar

Dear Editor, It’s only my second week working back in St Kilda, Melbourne, but it’s funny how everything isn’t weird any more

Age-old problem and brand new joy

The trolley crisis, which has been with us for more than a decade, is not the result of a sudden surge in delayed discharges or inappropriate referrals, but is down to ongoing failings of senior health service management, argues Dr Ruairi Hanley.

Áras Attracta scandal highlights lack of legal protection for residents

Dear Editor, The scenes shown on RTÉ Prime Time’s programme ‘Inside Bungalow 3’ have prompted many to question why the staff there allegedly treated the intellectually disabled so badly. The simple answer is: because they could.

Rebooting our political system

Dr Ruairi Hanley contemplates recent moves made by former Fine Gael up-and-comer Lucinda Creighton, and wonders if there are better ways to announce your intent than with a snazzy slogan.

Bullying coverage may open a can of worms

Dear Editor, I welcome your recent articles on bullying amongst doctors (‘Bullying is endemic’, December 12, and ‘Peace and goodwill to all’, Dec 19) partly because it brings us in line with other disciplines and further de-mythologises the world of professional medicine.

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