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December 18, 2014

A second glance is needed for reliability on OECD figures

Dear Editor, The OECD has just released the 2014 version of its annual ‘Health at a Glance’ document, which compares health data from all the European countries

A Christmas of justice, dignity and solidarity

In the true spirit of Christmas, Dr Ruairi Hanley takes a moment to reflect on doctors in less fortunate circumstances than himself — and of one doctor in particular, Dr Ali Al Ekri, who remains in a Bahraini jail for treating anti-government protesters in 2011

Man was in a vegetative state

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent UK Court of Protection decision in which a local health provider applied for a declaration that it was in a patient’s best interests that artificial nutrition and hydration be withdrawn from him.

Don’t go out in the cold without a hat on

In fine festive form, Dr Muiris Houston reveals the truth behind some seasonal myths that might crop up over Christmas, and gives us some songs to sing to match our medical conditions.

News update from the Cortical Institute

A new arrival at their research lab in Waterford gives Dr Garrett FitzGerald and his colleagues the opportunity to gaze into the abyss of the world of sub-infinitesimal particles, and to have the surprising contents of the abyss gaze back.

A modest proposal for determining eligibility of medical/visit cards

Dear Editor, I believe that there may be a much better solution to the targeting of assistance by way of medical cards or GP visit cards to those most in need than anything currently being proposed.

Our health at a glance

Dara Gantly examines what the latest EU comparative data says about the Irish health service and the health status of our population.

Don’t dismiss nuclear power as a solution to our energy needs

  Dear Editor, I commend Dr Philip Michael’s efforts to make us more aware of anthropogenic climate change

GPs need to protect income not line pharmacists’ pockets

Dear Editor, Great idea in your recent ‘Hanley Report’ (‘From majority pay issues to minor ailments’, IMT, 28.11.14). Let the pharmacist take the pressure and income off the poor GPs. Then let them improve their own income accordingly.

Protecting our rural idyll from crime

Protecting one’s home in rural Ireland can be a difficult balancing act, but ultimately the safety of our rural population must rest on the performance of our police force, judiciary and politicians, argues Dr Ruairi Hanley.

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