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July 28, 2015

GPs should walk a mile in the ED

Dear Editor, Emergency medicine is in a crisis and needs the help of every doctor in this country.

Hospice worker sought reinstatement

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent Circuit Court case in which a man who was dismissed from his hospice post sought a continuation of the terms of his contract of employment pending the determination of proceedings before the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

Failed campaign follows other shortcomings

Open letter to IMO President Dear President, Regarding the failed negotiations with the Irish Medical Council (IMC) relating to the hike in registration fees, I have to say that this result is hugely disappointing but not surprising.

Not your average road trip game…

Dr Muiris Houston comes up with an ingenious, fun and easy-to-play boardless, pieceless road trip game to keep everyone entertained and sane on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Every little helps improve care

Working off two recent reports can help us provide a world-class service, believes Lloyd Mudiwa.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Dear Editor, In the HSE’s quarterly glossy Health Matters, Director General Tony O’Brien says “we will listen to the views and opinions of our patients and service users” in planning and delivering services (no mention of the opinions or views of doctors or service providers).

A hard man and the reality on the ground

In fighting mode, Dr Ruairi Hanley attacks casual condemnation of under-resourced nursing home staff by the mainstream media, and finds cage-fighting evokes a bedside manner not considered politically correct nowadays.

Not all aboard the ‘Under-Sixes Express’

Dear Editor, You had some disturbing statements from the negotiators of the under-sixes contract in a recent edition (‘Two-thirds sign new contract’, IMT, June 19, 2015).

Data not reliable

Dear Editor, Most of the State-sponsored CSO or university-department-generated statistics on general practice utilisation since 2001 have been based on surveys employing one-year recollection.

The Hand of God?

Dr Colm Ó Sé recalls some amusing incidents in his early days as a doctor at St James’s Hospital, when a patient’s religion might very well be a factor in their care plans.

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