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June 26, 2016

Harney signs Part 6 of Medical Practitioners Act into law

Minister for Health Mary Harney has signed the Order commencing Part 6 of the Medical Practitioners Act, introducing a new system of registration for doctors.
The Department of Health has confirmed to Irish Medical Times that the new registration system will be introduced on March 16.

The Order also provides for the repeal of all remaining provisions of the Medical Practitioners Acts 1978-2002 and the revocation of related statutory instruments.
The new Register from the Medical Council comprises four divisions — the Trainee Specialist Division, the Specialist Division, the General Division and Visiting EEA Practitioners Division for visiting doctors from overseas.
A medical practitioner can only be registered in one division at a time, except for a specialist training in another specialty.
On March 16, the Register of Medical Practitioners will be established under section 43 of the Act and replaces the General Register of Medical Practitioners and the Register of Medical Specialists, which were established under the 1978 Act.
“These rules define the manner in which medical practitioners will be registered in the Republic of Ireland on or after the Register Establishment Day,” commented Council President Prof Kieran Murphy.
“All medical practitioners seeking to practise medicine in Ireland must be registered with the Medical Council in the appropriate Division of the Register,” he added.
A new application form and guide to the application procedure will be available shortly on the Council’s website.