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June 26, 2016

Medical Council announces PC schemes enrolment fees

By Lloyd Mudiwa

Doctors will be charged fees of between €250 and €275 to enroll into any of the 13 professional competence schemes being run by the recognised postgraduate training bodies, the Medical Council announced today.

Eight of the schemes are associated with the RCPI, including one which is a joint collaboration with the RCSI, while the RCSI, ICGP, College of Psychiatry of Ireland, College of Anaesthetists of Ireland, and the and Irish College of Ophthalmologists will each operate a scheme.

Seven of the schemes linked to the RCPI are at the lower scale of the fees schedule, charging €250 enrollment. They are the RCPI scheme, and those operated by the RCPI’s Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Irish Committee on Higher Medical Training, and faculties of Public Health Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Paediatrics, and Pathology.

The College of Psychiatry of Ireland will charge €252, the ICGP €267, and the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland €270.

The Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine (joint collaboration between RCPI and RCSI), RCSI and Irish College of Ophthalmologists will each charge €275.

Announcing the fees and details of the schemes, President of the Medical Council, Prof Kieran Murphy said the Council had worked very closely with training bodies to develop competence schemes which will be straightforward, practice-based and focused on patient safety.

“Doctors can be confident that the range of schemes on offer will ensure that professional competence activities will support the development needs of every specialty and be of real benefit to them, their patients and practice,” he commented.

CEO of the Medical Council Caroline Spillane said the competence schemes would be operated on a not-for-profit basis with Council oversight of each scheme’s financial processes.

To minimise the financial burden on doctors, the Council has opted not to levy any fees for the operation of these schemes and will absorb the costs of monitoring and oversight, she said.