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July 22, 2014

Insurance stalls Directive

A provision in the EU cross-border healthcare Directive requiring mandatory liability insurance for health professionals has yet to be transposed into Irish law and has prompted the European Commission to take action against Ireland.

Research prize added to Irish Healthcare Awards

The 2014 Irish Healthcare Awards judging panel has added a new trophy of ‘Research Paper of the Year’ to its 17-strong list of categories that will be honoured at the gala event in Dublin this autumn.

Medical Council ends paper certificates

The Medical Council is introducing electronically issued annual retention certificates that will replace the traditional hard-copy certs issued to date, Irish Medical Times has learned.

Regulations enable cannabis medication

The outgoing Minister of State for Primary Care Alex White signed regulations to enable authorised cannabis-based medicinal products to be legally prescribed by medical practitioners and used by patients.

Card extension ‘plainly a stunt’

A mere “political stunt” is how the ICGP has labelled the latest Government proposal to extend free GP care to over-70s without medical cards or GP-visit cards, Irish Medical Times reports.

IMO seeking clarity

Extensions of free GP care to children aged between six and 11 and subsequently to those aged between 12 and 17 are to follow the provision of a GP service for persons aged 70 years and over, it has emerged.

‘Hopeful’ pay disparity will disappear

The former Minister for Health has said he is “hopeful” the pay disparity between new entrant consultants and established colleagues will disappear once a new pay scale is agreed, following current Labour Relations Commission (LRC) talks.

HSE indicates intention to move on eHealth strategy

After years of a reluctance to invest in major IT projects following a series of spectacular failures, the HSE has indicated it plans to establish a tender competition for the provision of services to support the delivery of the ICT and eHealth components of the system reform programme, IMT reports.

‘Fewer than 30′ NCHD vacancies

The HSE said it was aware of “approximately 20 to 30 NCHD vacancies” out of more than 4,900 posts at the time of the July rotations.

HSE wants new single IT system for CIPC service

The HSE has begun a ‘market-soundings exercise’ ahead of a proposed tender for a new information system across its Counselling in Primary Care (CIPC) service.

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