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August 29, 2014

Contract ‘overambitious and unwieldy’

A strategic contribution is now sought as part of clinicians’ involvement in management. However, devolution of power and authority has been patchy. Gary Culliton heard the views of HSE Clinical Lead for the Clinical Director programme, Dr Colm Henry

The pressure from without — how to keep a cool head

In the first of a two-part series on pressure, Consultant Surgeon Dr Mark Corrigan looks into the history books to show that pressure can be the greatest obstacle to achievement.

New captain, change of course

News that Universal Health Insurance could now be a three-term project for Government surely removes considerable impetus from the flagship project. Gary Culliton examines early moves by the new Minister for Health that have signalled a strategic shift in policy.

The ICHAMS conference – ‘a well rounded experience’

Lloyd Mudiwa gives a sneak preview of what participants can expect at this year’s RCSI’s International Conference for Healthcare and Medical Students, Winner of the Student Project of the Year category in last year’s Irish Healthcare Awards.

A surgical college on wheels

The recent translocation of an Africa-bound ‘college on wheels’ is part of a slowly transforming unique initiative involving the RCSI and COSECSA to provide vital and innovative training opportunities to doctors across the continent, Francis Kaikumba tells Lloyd Mudiwa.

We need a revolution in the delivery of care to beat HIV/AIDS

MSF’s Dr Daniela Belén Garone highlights the need for improved access to and availability of life-saving medication in African countries such as Malawi.

Development of an EPR for community psychiatric service

Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Ciaran Somers examines the practical realities of online patient records, and how instant access across locations can improve services and benefit patients.

Changing the face of mental health

Following the opening call for entries for this year’s Irish Healthcare Awards, Lloyd Mudiwa revisits some of last year’s winning projects, including one promoting a “paradigm” shift in mental healthcare.

Why asthma still kills

As asthma takes more than one Irish life each week, Dara Gantly looks at a report from the Royal College of Physicians in London, which calls for an end to complacency around the disease.

Rapid access clinics are ‘to support GPs’

In the second part of Irish Medical Times‘ interview with Children’s Hospital Group Chief Executive Eilish Hardiman, Gary Culliton reports on the need for co-location with a hospital offering a range of specialties and more general paediatrician.

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