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February 10, 2016

Hammer and chisel to old asylum system

Dr Dermot Walsh examines the life of French sculptor Camille Claudel, who died in the Montdevergues Asylum at Montfavet near Avignon in 1943, and discusses how psychiatric care in France evolved and modernised away from the asylum system.

The fallout from books

Prof Pierce Grace was fascinated to discover two pieces of paper that recently fell out of his grandfather’s old medical books — one a 1909 examination paper from the Royal University of Ireland, and the other a detailed instruction on the administration of insulin coma therapy.

New voice on old concerns

Founding President of the NAGP Dr Conor McGee outlines his vision of the future for the GP representative body and general practice in Ireland to Lloyd Mudiwa.

NAGP hopes to take charge of digital space

The NAGP trusts that at least half of its 1,482-strong membership will sign up by the end of this year to its new Irish telemedicine service, which will enable GPs to provide direct online consultations to their own patients. The Association is launching the service at its AGM this Saturday (January 30), complete with a […]

NAGP President regrets writing references

Among the biggest regrets of his two-year Presidency is having to write letters of reference to newly qualified and expensively trained Irish GPs looking to leave the country, the outgoing NAGP leader has said.

A thawing of relations

Relations with the Minister for Health might have thawed, but the National Association of General Practitioners is yet to take its rightful place at the negotiating table for a new GP contract, CEO Chris Goodey tells Lloyd Mudiwa.

Psychopathology of Everyday Life

Continuing his ambitious 24-year project of an annual reading of one volume of Freud’s complete works, UCD’s Prof Brendan Kelly explores ‘The Psychopathology of Everyday Life’, in his sixth instalment of the IMT series.

HSE to appeal EAT rulings on pay

Following the successful cases brought by two consultants to the Employment Appeals Tribunal last week, Gary Culliton examines if the State is set to pay millions of euro in compensation due to the failure of the HSE to pay portions of consultants’ salaries due.

Reduced VE saw more flu deaths

The latest Annual Epidemiological Report from the HPSC highlights where Ireland is at in relation to the forestalling and curbing of infectious and communicable diseases, writes Lloyd Mudiwa, and it reflects on a difficult influenza season in 2014/2015.

Potential to enhance TB service

As predicted, HIQA has recommended a change from a universal to a selective national neonatal BCG vaccination strategy, but has provided a lot more detail on strengthening TB prevention measures in its latest report, following a public consultation on the issue. Dara Gantly reports.

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