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November 21, 2014

There’s a third party ‘present at consultations’ – the internet

In advance of this week’s IMT GP Practice Seminar, Gary Culliton spoke with Dr Brian Meade to discuss increased internet usage by patients ahead of clinical consultations.

A Sting in the tale of pioneering surgeon

Dara Gantly speaks with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Prof Barry O’Donnell about pioneering paediatric surgery in Ireland, representing doctors here, in Britain and Canada simultaneously, and how championing groundbreaking research is not always plain sailing.

Bid to curb rising insurance premiums

The Private Health Insurance Package announced last week aims to make health insurance more affordable for young people and should increase uptake across the population, according to the Government, writes Gary Culliton.

After the protests…

On the back of organising an unprecedented protest by Irish GPs against the dismantling of general practice, NAGP President Dr Conor McGee speaks to IMT‘s Lloyd Mudiwa ahead of his Association’s AGM.

Don’t wait for the hearse to take you to church

Seize the moment advises David McCaffrey, Partner at MedAccount Services, in what is both a turbulent economic environment and uncertain future for the profession. Lloyd Mudiwa reports.

Another winning dermatology textbook

Dr Charles Dupont reviews Evidence-Based Dermatology, ‘a winner’ of an anthology edited by Prof Hywel C. Williams, which gives short shrift to alternative remedies and quackery. Prof Sam Shuster (not a contributor) says there are lies, damn lies and clinical impressions. This is provocative and inaccurate. A moonshot starts at ground level. Jenner got the […]

Standardising national pathways

Treatment of sarcomas — rare tumours that can arise in bone or fat — involves complex surgery and requires a focused national approach. A new group hopes to standardise our approach and centralise services.

On not thinking with one’s brain

Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Brian O’Shea reviews Prof Louis Cozolino’s book, which brings the reader on a tour of brain development, neurogenesis, and neuroplasticity, and agrees it is ‘far-reaching and in many ways provocative’.

Investment can pay dividends

Three leading GPs promise to deliver a positive overall message at the forthcoming IMT GP Practice Management Seminar, writes Gary Culliton.

Getting it right at the GETHealth Summit

Dr Kunal D Patel, Medical Director of iHeed, previews the GETHealth Summit in Dublin next week, which will look at how the health workforce gap in developing countries can be addressed through education and IT.

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