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April 15, 2014

Doctors’ concerns over living wills expressed to DOH

Examining some of the submission to the Department of Health on the draft General Scheme for Advance Healthcare Directives, Gary Culliton discovers that doctors have a number of concerns over the introduction of these new ‘living wills’.

Oireachtas probes RCSI-Bahrain accreditation

How the Medical Council will ensure a planned accreditation visit of RCSI-Bahrain — accused of using training hospitals that have alledgedly breached human rights — will be independent was one of the concerns raised in the Oireachtas, writes Lloyd Mudiwa.

Moves to enhance drug treatment services

In his concluding analysis, Lloyd Mudiwa examines progress made under the treatment and rehabilitation pillar of the National Drugs Strategy 2009-2016.

Insurance ‘may not provide faster access’

Gary Culliton examines the details contained in the Government’s White Paper on Universal Health Insurance and investigates how costs are to be contained in the future.

Shaping standards for future of nursing homes

HIQA has stepped up its engagement with GPs, and their ongoing input is helping the Authority shape its revised nursing homes standards due out next year, HIQA’s Marie Kehoe-O’Sullivan tells Dara Gantly

The treatment and rehabilitation pillars of the Drugs Strategy

The National Drugs Strategy 2009-2016 progress report outlines 63 actions that are implemented through its ‘five pillars’, reports Lloyd Mudiwa, in the first of a two-part series looking at current drug treatment services in Ireland.

Ireland receives positive grade in treating ‘silent killer’

Priscilla Lynch reports on the results of the first comparison study of pancreatic cancer care in Europe and the latest treatment advances for this disease.

An open door on open disclosure

Ciara Dalton, Senior Solicitor at Eversheds, examines the range of issues around open disclosure that will need to be addressed and considered.

In preparation for the new contract

Ahead of the IMT GP Practice Seminar early next month, financial advisor Steven Lynch shares some tips with Lloyd Mudiwa on what doctors might do to prepare for a new GP contract.

Hospitality industry a key battleground

As the tenth anniversary of Ireland’s workplace smoking ban is marked this week, further commitment and action is needed  to reach the 2025 target of reducing numbers smoking to  5 per cent, writes Gary Culliton.

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