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July 31, 2015

Taking the politics out of health

The NAGP says it is ready to look past its acrimonious relationship with Health Minister Dr Leo Varadkar for the sake of Irish general practice and the health service, CEO Chris Goodey tells Lloyd Mudiwa.

The high-flying safety advocate

Former British Airways training captain Guy Hirst may nowadays be ‘grounded’, with his focus shifted to the healthcare sector, but his passion for safety remains steadfast, Lloyd Mudiwa writes.

Expert Forum addresses overactive bladder

Reporting from the recent Pelvic Health: European Expert Forum 2015 in Dublin, Paul Mulholland hears of the predicted dramatic global rise in the incidence of overactive bladder, and how best to manage and treat the condition.

Analysis shows higher GP workloads

As the row over the proposed introduction of free GP care for under-sixes rumbles on, Lloyd Mudiwa outlines the findings of new independent analysis on expected GP workload under the scheme, which could see average working days of 14.5 hours.

Walking tall with robotic help

First pioneered by the US military, developments in bionic suits and robotic exoskeletons – by among others the TCD graduate who founded the Harvard Biodesign Lab – are helping to transform the lives of the physically and mobility impaired, reports Valerie Ryan.

A whole lotta rosé

Giovanni Morelli selects three completely different tasting bottles of rosé for you this week, and encourages readers to once again try some interesting Beaujolais

Meeting one’s Waterloo some 200 years on

With the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo this week, Prof Pierce Grace reviews a fascinating book on the battle, together with some of the military surgery and ‘therapeutic’ blood-letting that took place in field.

Still blinkered on Vision for Change

Nine years after the publication of ‘A Vision for Change’, the mental health needs of society’s most vulnerable groups are still not adequately addressed, writes June Shannon.

Understanding Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Dr Anne Jeffers, Head of the Research Working Group at the Join Our Boys Trust, discusses the devastating diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and an upcoming international conference in Dublin aimed at addressing the specific needs of those with the genetic disease.

Putting patients and their health first

Fianna Fáil’s health policy document, while not rocking the boat, shows an appreciation of some of the nuanced issues at play in ensuring the delivery of a world-class health service, writes Lloyd Mudiwa.

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