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May 28, 2015

Understanding Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Dr Anne Jeffers, Head of the Research Working Group at the Join Our Boys Trust, discusses the devastating diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and an upcoming international conference in Dublin aimed at addressing the specific needs of those with the genetic disease.

Putting patients and their health first

Fianna Fáil’s health policy document, while not rocking the boat, shows an appreciation of some of the nuanced issues at play in ensuring the delivery of a world-class health service, writes Lloyd Mudiwa.

Quality and patient safety

The Department of Health’s function in relation to patient safety will now be strengthened, Minister Dr Leo Varadkar told Gary Culliton, with a new Department-funded Patient Advocacy Service fully independent of the HSE.

GM concerns are still justified

The technology around GM foods may have evolved, but our understanding of genetics is still in the ha’penny place, argues Dr Elizabeth Cullen of the Irish Doctors Environmental Association.

Ensuring person-centred general practice

Person-centred care benefits both the patient and the health system — the individual experiences greater satisfaction with their care and service delivery is more cost-effective, ICGP Medical Director Dr Margaret O’Riordan tells Lloyd Mudiwa.

ICGP helped shelve first draft contract

Among the many successes of the ICGP in the past year was the way it engaged with its membership on the first draft contract for free GP care for the under-sixes. 

Health gain is a marathon, not a sprint

With clear evidence of the benefits from exercise for a whole range of conditions, Mayo GP Dr Scott Walkin believes doctors should lead by example in the efforts to normalise physical activity — and consider signing up for the upcoming River Moy Half Marathon.

HSE taking fight against corruption seriously

A comprehensive anti-corruption policy can help to counteract vice which undermines the proper use of public funds, something the cash-strapped Irish health service can ill-afford, writes Lloyd Mudiwa.

What it’s really like working in the HSE

Results of the first health sector wide staff survey clearly show the tough challenge facing HSE senior management in recreating a service that staff and patients can believe in, writes Lloyd Mudiwa.

Contract will see total revenue of €210 per patient

  Gary Culliton examines the details of the new under-sixes agreement, presented to IMO members at the Annual General Meeting in Kilkenny.    

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