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April 1, 2015

Four-part solution to CDM

Dr Catherine Darker of the Adelaide Health Foundation tells Dara Gantly about how the group’s ambitious programme of research assessing the readiness of the Irish health service to respond effectively to chronic diseases is about to reach a new milestone.

Refining mental health care

Former Inspector of Mental Hospitals Dr Dermot Walsh examines both the appropriate and more unrealistic recommendations contained in the recent Report of the Expert Group on the Review of the Mental Health Act 2001.

The digital future of healthcare in Ireland

Scientific and technology advances happening in Ireland have the potential to make huge impacts on health and wellness and diagnostics and therapeutics globally, bringing massive opportunities to revolutionise healthcare and create viable new businesses, reports Lloyd Mudiwa.

Digitally identifying the individual patient

The benefits of implementing the long-awaited individual health identifier — facilitating care delivery to the right patient, in the right place and at the right time — should far outweigh the cost of implementing this key enabler, writes Lloyd Mudiwa.

Premature ejaculation — not just a male problem?

Premature ejaculation affects up to one-in-five men, yet it can also result in sexual dysfunction for female partners, says an expert gynaecologist from Italy. June Shannon reports.

Attitudes are changing to IVF treatment

June Shannon speaks with one of Ireland’s foremost experts in the area of infertility, Dr Mary Wingfield, Clinical Director of the Merrion Fertility Clinic, about the latest developments in the field of fertility treatment and the need to consider possible intervention ‘sooner rather than later’.

Major variations in chronic disease indicators

The first annual report of the National Healthcare Quality Reporting System has revealed some significant regional variations, county to county, in the hospitalisation rates for various chronic diseases, reports Dara Gantly.

How a disused hotel became an asylum for middle-class children

Dr Dermot Walsh examines the history of the Lucan Spa Hotel, and how Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart helped transform it into an institution for “idiotic and imbecile children” and an asylum for “lunatic patients of the middle class”.

Tapping business to boost health

Gary Culliton reports on projects that Boehringer Ingelheim is working on under the Ashoka Change Nation Health Solutions programme, pairing social entrepreneurs with business leaders.

Maintaining purpose, self-worth in our old age

Third Age has more than 1,400 volunteers working throughout Ireland. The organisation’s three national programmes share a core philosophy to keep older people engaged in life and to connect the generations. The programmes include Senior Help Line — a national confidential listening service for older people, provided by trained older volunteers.

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