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October 26, 2014

Searching for Ada: Dr Ada English (1875-1944)

Prof Brendan Kelly, author of a new book on the remarkable psychiatrist Dr Ada English, recounts how revealing the life of one of Ireland’s foremost female medical pioneers, who also participated in the Easter Rising, the Civil War, and was elected to Dáil Eireann, was a challenge worth pursuing.

Following the money is harder than you think

Tracing its roots from the abacus to Lehman Brothers, Prof Pierce Grace discovered that a history of accounting can, in fact, be a fascinating and illuminating read.

Day case drop due to ‘care rationing’

Conall Bergin, Employment and Policy Executive at the IHCA, lists what measures the Association believes the Government must take in Budget 2015 in order to meet current demands and ensure safe patient care.

Talks continue with insurers on fees

Aidan O’Reilly, Senior Executive at the IHCA, discusses the latest changes in fee schedules from the health insurers and the need for HIQA to ensure that new referral and treatment thresholds will be treated as guidance only and left to the discretion of the consultant.

New proposals ‘will not end crisis’ in health

It is now widely acknowledged that the unilateral 30% reduction in new consultant salaries in 2012 was an ill-judged mistake, says IHCA President Dr Gerard Crotty.

Failure to honour terms ‘behind crisis’

IHCA Assistant Secretary General Donal Duffy wonders how the decision to cut consultants’ pay by 30% would stand up under ‘performance management’ scrutiny.

Time for a clean sweep in general practice?

Proactive measures by the ICGP to help GPs prepare for hygiene audits ahead of the introduction of potential spot checks by HIQA for GP practices are starting to take shape, reports Lloyd Mudiwa.

Unique voluntary care in the community in West Africa

While Sierra Leone can be a difficult as well as rewarding place to work, former Tallaght Hospital doctor and VSO volunteer Dr Niall Conroy says the experience was a personal catalyst for change in his new pursuit of a career in global health.

Leaving Irish general practice

Dr William Ralph returned recently from Australia to resign from his Irish practice, having tasted a very different way of life and professional practice Down Under.

An appreciation — Dr Raymond and Miriam Rees

Apart from being a tireless and outstanding contributor to child health, Dr Raymond Rees and his wife Miriam were willing to give and share unstintingly, writes Prof Hilary Hoey.

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