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April 21, 2015

Contract will see total revenue of €210 per patient

  Gary Culliton examines the details of the new under-sixes agreement, presented to IMO members at the Annual General Meeting in Kilkenny.    

UHI will be new ‘water charges tax’ — IMO

Dara Gantly reports on the IMO’s new policy document ‘2020 Vision for Health’, which the union hopes will ensure that the future of the health services is centre-stage during the next general election and in the formation of the next Government.  

‘High walls’ scaled to win short-story award

We reproduce Nenagh GP Dr Pat Harrold’s short story ‘High Walls’, which won this year’s Irish Medical Writers’ Aindreas McEntee Prize for fiction.

‘Teach back’ tool can aid understanding

June Shannon speaks with global health literacy expert Dr Michael Wolf about how health literacy is all about empowering patients.

Union’s year of engagement

The last year has seen landmark deals — with implications for IMO NCHDs, GPs and consultants. In an interview with Gary Culliton, the IMO Director of Industrial Relations Steve Tweed outlined progress on a number of fronts.

Bolstering the voice of the NCHD

NCHD Committee Chairman Dr John Duddy tells Lloyd Mudiwa about some positive new moves aimed at improving the conditions for NCHDs, addressing our recruitment and retention issues, and meeting EU working time obligations.

Hitting the road to solve the European health crisis

Paul Mulholland reports from a recent conference on sustainable healthcare, at which Mary Harney helped launch a new EU white paper showing the possible road ahead for states facing huge financial challenges.

Wonder, magic and re-editing key to travel writing

The 2015 Spring Meeting of the Society of Irish Medical Writers heard how there is nothing to stop any of us conveying the moments of insights and wonder that we experience while travelling on to the printed page.

Four-part solution to CDM

Dr Catherine Darker of the Adelaide Health Foundation tells Dara Gantly about how the group’s ambitious programme of research assessing the readiness of the Irish health service to respond effectively to chronic diseases is about to reach a new milestone.

Refining mental health care

Former Inspector of Mental Hospitals Dr Dermot Walsh examines both the appropriate and more unrealistic recommendations contained in the recent Report of the Expert Group on the Review of the Mental Health Act 2001.

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