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September 2, 2015

Intoxicated patients will not be routinely tested for HIV/HCV

Patients in the Emergency Department (ED) at St James’s Hospital (SJH) in Dublin who are deemed intoxicated or mentally unwell will not be tested for HIV, hepatitis B and C under a new routine testing scheme for the three infections.

20% infected with Hep C from blood products have died

By the end of 2013, some 260 participants in the National Hepatitis C Database for infection acquired through blood and blood products had died — a rise of 48 deaths in the past four years.

New Hep C Partnership launched to promote testing

The recently launched Hepatitis C Partnership — a collaboration of interested stakeholders in the area of hepatitis C — has been set up to promote testing, advocate for equitable access to treatment and promote various prevention messages against the viral infection.

Long-term care in dementia: a real challenge for families

Social Worker in Psychiatry of Later Life Orla Prendergast focuses on patients whose dementia has progressed to the extent that they may have agitation and challenging behaviour in the context of their condition.

No major increased CV risk from this DPP-4 inhibitor

Following the recent announcement of the Trial Evaluating Cardiovascular Outcomes with Sitagliptin (TECOS), Consultant Endocrinologist Dr Maeve Durkan tells Lloyd Mudiwa why the results have been watched very carefully in Ireland  

Irish standardised tobacco packs less attractive than EU versions

New Irish research published in BMJ Open has found that young people aged 16-17 years old believe standardised packs to be less attractive and their cigarettes to be more harmful than packs with EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) labels, which includes picture and text warning covering 65 per cent of the packages.

Natural lithium in water may help explain suicide figures

New research from Austria has found no evidence that lithium-based pharmaceuticals either directly or via accumulation in drinking water diminish the risk of death by suicide.

Image-guided biopsies tested against ultrasound approach

In the largest prospective study to date of image-guided technology for identifying suspicious regions of the prostate to biopsy, researchers compared the ability of this technology to detect high-risk prostate cancer with that of the current standard of unguided prostate biopsy.

Biomarkers ‘can select patients’

In the years to come, personalised medicine will be the goal, Gary Culliton reports in his latest Clinical Update. It is a promising area: now much effort is devoted to studying combinations of different therapies.

New approach to early treatments

Colorectal cancer is a treatable disease and there are a number of effective options available. Progress has been made in diagnosing the disease earlier. Data on which treatment works best in the early stages of the cancer is now being sought.

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