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June 30, 2016

Preservative toxicity is a common problem in ophthalmology

Almost all ocular medications on the market contain preservatives and most of these preservatives have a detergent effect on the ocular tissues. Many negative effects result, including decreased tear film goblet cell density and reduced access of trophic factors to the cornea. This can hamper the cornea’s ability to carry out the day-to-day repairs that […]

Pill could reduce risk of cancers

Taking the contraceptive pill does not increase a woman’s chances of developing cancer and may reduce the risk, according to a study. However, there was an increased risk for women who used it for more than eight years. Researchers from the University of Aberdeen analysed data spanning 36 years from the Royal College of General […]

Advances in ophthalmic surgery

In the last 50 years all medical specialties have experienced advances in knowledge and improvement in treatment. In some specialties the advancements have been dramatic and I believe ophthalmology is a good example of this. In the past 30 years it has changed beyond recognition from a predominantly medical specialty to an increasing procedure driven […]

Experts propose cholesterol tests for children as young as 15 mths

Children could have their cholesterol levels tested at about 15 months of age to prevent heart disease later in life, according to leading UK doctors. Researchers at Barts and the London Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry analysed published studies on total and low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in people with and without familial […]

‘Can do better’ on salt levels in food

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has stressed that recent labelling laws governing claims on salt content in foods will be beneficial for consumers, as manufacturers will have to abide to minimum salt levels to be able to state ‘low salt’, ‘very low salt’ or ‘salt free’ on packaging. They will also have to […]

Vagina used to access gall-bladder

French surgeons have managed to successfully remove a woman’s gall-bladder through her vagina, according to a new report. During this three-hour long operation, the first of its kind, surgeons at the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, performed a cholecystectomy through the vagina in a 30-year-old woman. The surgical team who performed the operation was multidisciplinary […]

Tadalafil for treatment of erectile dysfunction after spinal cord injury

The drug Tadalafil appears to improve erectile function in men with spinal cord injuries, according to a new study. Doctors led by French colleagues conducted a randomised, double-blind study of tadalafil in 197 men with spinal cord injuries. {openx:269} After a four-week period during which none of the men received treatment, 142 were randomly assigned […]

Vitamin D supplements are linked to lower risk of death

Individuals who take vitamin D supplements appear to have a lower risk of death from any disease over an average follow-up time of six-years, according to a meta-analysis of 18 previously published studies. Studies previously suggested that deficiencies in vitamin D might be associated with a higher risk of death from cancer, heart disease and […]

Being moderately overweight is an independent risk for heart disease

Being moderately overweight or obese appears to increase the risk for developing coronary heart disease events independent of traditional cardiovascular risk factors, according to a meta-analysis of previously published studies. Doctors led by Dutch colleagues combined data from 21 previous studies of overweight and heart disease that included a total of 302,296 participants. {openx:269} After […]

The debate continues over ESAs

Anaemia is one of the most frequent complications of haemodialysis, and its correction is an important factor in restoring a tolerable quality of life to dialysis-dependent patients. Treatment with drugs called erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs), which stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells, have been a major advance in the treatment of the anaemia […]

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