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June 29, 2016

First-time mothers face higher risk for postpartum mental disorders

New mothers are at an increased risk for mental disorders such as schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder in the three months following the birth of their first child, according to a new study from Denmark. In the study, doctors analysed data from Danish health and civil service registers, which for this study included a total […]

Women need not wait to conceive after breast cancer

Young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer need not wait the recommended two years after treatment before attempting to conceive, researchers have found. Women of child-bearing age who are diagnosed with breast cancer are currently advised to wait at least two years after treatment to become pregnant to identify those who relapse early and […]

Vaccination combined with screening could prevent up to 95 per cent of cervical cancers

Vaccination in combination with a screening programme could prevent up to 95 per cent of cervical cancers and eventually could virtually eradicate the disease, which kills a quarter of a million people worldwide every year. That is the view of Prof Walter Prendeville, President of the British Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, and Consultant […]

Half of men who pay for sex say they already have a partner

Almost half of men who pay for sex already have a partner, according to researchers in the UK. The researchers used survey data from a standard health screening questionnaire completed by more than 2,500 men at one sexual health clinic. One in 10 of the men said that they had paid for sex. Their average […]

Osteoarthritis may be a sign of faster ‘biological ageing’

Osteoarthritis may be a sign of faster “biological ageing”, according to new research. The research was based on a study of almost 1,100 people, aged between 30 and 79 years. Most of them were female twins. X-rays of both hands were taken of all participants to check for signs of osteoarthritis and a blood sample […]

Hajj pilgrims should get flu jab to avoid pandemic

Flu vaccination should be mandatory for all Hajj pilgrims to minimise the risk of a global pandemic, doctors have advised. At the end of next month Saudi Arabia will again host the Hajj– the largest annual gathering in the world– which attracts more than two million pilgrims from almost every country. {openx:269} For the individual […]

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