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April 19, 2014

Baby’s cries keep eyes on the prize

All new parents know the horrors of sleepless nights as your cherished pride and joy cries for food with a shriek so primal it would lift you out of your skin.

Is Spock out of his Vulcan mind or just autistic?

The character of Mr Spock has intrigued and entertained audiences since his first appearance in Star Trek in the 1960s. A new article in the British Journal of Psychiatry (BJPsych) now suggests that he shares many characteristics with those who suffer from autism.

Biased brains prefer positive images of smoking

By Clodagh Mulvey.  Chronic smoking has been found to alter a smoker’s perception so that positive images of smoking are seen in a more favourable light than for those who don’t smoke regularly, a study has shown.

Turning water into wine

Following the French presidency and Irish Water Company controversies, Giovanni Morrelli finds new meaning in the catchphrase ‘The French Paradox’ and takes a swipe at the water utility for flooding us with scandals before supplying a single drop of water.

Prawns in the game of life

In the last of our series on healthy seasonal seafood, Dietitian Paula Mee outlines the benefits of prawns and offers a recipe for a delicious, hearty seafood chowder.

Santa brings out the big guns for 2013

By Pat Kelly. The US military website NORAD has been criticised for a video depicting Santa’s sleigh being escorted by two fighter jets bristling with weapons.

Poll: Only 7 per cent ‘do not practise defensive medicine’

By Pat Kelly. The latest IMT online poll has shown that only 7 per cent of healthcare professionals do not practise defensive medicine.  

Putting the brakes on women’s rights

  By Pat Kelly. Countering a movement to improve women’s driving rights in Saudi Arabia, a conservative cleric has claimed that women who drive cars can damage their ovaries and bear children with clinical complications.

Communion wafer burger gets owners in a pickle

  By Pat Kelly. A Chicago heavy-metal themed fast-food restaurant is the subject of outrage for selling a cheeseburger topped with communion wafers.

La triviata

By Pat Kelly. The 2013 Ig Nobel prizes were awarded last week, with the Medicine Prize going to a Japanese team who probed the effects of opera music on mice who had received heart transplants.

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