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September 2, 2015

‘No safe level of alcohol consumption’

The public should be aware that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption, and they should never drink because they believe there is a health gain from alcohol, the President of the RCPI has stated.

NCH application is an ‘important milestone’

Dear Editor, The planning application for the development of a new National Children’s Hospital (NCH) for Ireland, on a shared campus with St James’s Hospital, has now been submitted. This is a hugely positive and important milestone for the project and we welcome it wholeheartedly.

Trans, not saturated fats, linked to CHD risk

Saturated fats are not associated with an increased risk of death, heart disease, stroke, or type 2 (T2) diabetes, according to a recent study published in The BMJ. However, trans fats are associated with greater risk of death and coronary heart disease (CHD).

What’s new in the paper chase?

Dr Dermot J Ward laments both the demise of the British equivalents of IMT and the rise of the paper-generated deluge from modern medical regulation.

The trolley and transplant counts

Dr Ruairi Hanley was saddened on the one hand to realise that 10 years of public commentary on the trolley crisis has achieved little, but gladdened to hear of one retired surgeon’s recent campaign to improve patient care.

Manager took injunction proceedings against HSE

Ed Madden, BL, looks at a recent High Court case in which a senior HSE manager sought to restrain her temporary reassignment from her current position and the appointment of another person to her post.

Link with obesity probed

“It is known that men who have prostate cancer are more likely to die of their disease if they are overweight or obese than if they are of a healthy weight,” according to Dr Stephen Finn, Associate Professor in Histopathology and Morbid Anatomy in Trinity College Dublin and Consultant Pathologist at St James’s Hospital.

Learning from the best in skin surgery and procedural practice

Dr Niall Maguire, Chair of the Primary Care Surgical Association, looks ahead at some of the topics to be addressed through a mix of theoretical and skills-based learning at the upcoming Annual Scientific Meeting of the PCSA in Dublin.

Creative solutions can drive efficiency

This year’s Irish Healthcare Awards will see the emerging concept of sustainable healthcare given its time in the limelight, IMT reports.

Points rise slightly for medicine courses

The points to enter medicine courses have increased slightly, following the release of the first-round offers on Monday (August 17), with UCD’s DN400 Medicine — Undergraduate Entry course requiring students to get 736 points for admission.

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