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April 23, 2014

A blast from the future

  With the help of his trusted modified DeLorean, Spiddal GP Dr Seamus O’Beirn managed to go back to the future and get his hands on a transcript of an emergency Cabinet Meeting from April 2024 on the health service.

Examining mental health behind bars

Dr Muiris Houston examines the rates of mental illness among prison populations and what new research on drug use among prisoners might tells us about their specific needs.

Nash-ional controversy

With the sports injury experts in a spin, Dr Garrett FitzGerald comes up with a novel solution to the penalties of Cork’s Anthony Nash, involving some traditional chainmail dress from our Norman ancestors.

Irish should look out for ‘one of our own’

Dr Ruairi Hanley wonders why Dr Ali Al-Ekri, who was arrested and incarcerated for treating pro-Democracy protestors in Bahrain, has been forgotten by the nation he once called home.

Renal denervation: latest trial shows technique is ineffective

Professor of Molecular Pharmacology Eoin O’Brien on new research which shows no significant reduction of systolic blood pressure in patients with resistant hypertension six months after renal-artery denervation.

Caution is warranted on e-cigarettes craze

Dear Editor,  Progress has been described as the exchange of one nuisance for another nuisance, and it is a perennial process, often vividly illustrated in our emergency departments.

Religious attendance a proven deterrent against suicide

Frequent religious service attendance is a long-term protective factor against suicide, new research from the US has suggested.

Let’s trust the doctor

Dear Editor, According to a recent survey, people perceive that doctors tell the truth 89 per cent of the time, TDs 23 per cent and Ministers 20 per cent.

Sick leave occasioned by bullying

Ed Madden, BL, examines a recent Northern Ireland Court of Appeal case in which a Speech and Language Therapist was dismissed by her employer when she refused to return to work following a long period of sick leave.

One in four not taking their meds properly

Around one in four people prescribed drugs to lower long-standing blood pressure either does not take them at all, or only takes them part of the time, a study of a simple technique designed to find out why drug treatment might not be working in these patients suggests.

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