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August 20, 2014

Causes of death shifting in people with HIV

HIV-positive adults in high-income countries face a reduced risk of death from AIDS-related causes, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease compared with a decade ago, according to a large international study published in The Lancet.

Vision loss associated with work status

Vision loss is associated with a higher likelihood of not working, researchers from Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, have found.

An appreciation — Prof Michael J O’Halloran

Apart from his total dedication to St Luke’s Hospital and its patients, the late Prof Michael J O’Halloran contributed for 30 years in a significant way to the ongoing development of clinical oncology.

Understanding psychosis

Psychiatrists are only beginning to understand the complex bio-psycho-social challenges of psychosis, writes Dr Stephen McWilliams, the consultant lead of the Psychosis Programme at Saint John of God Hospital.

Pharmacist pleaded guilty to child cruelty

Ed Madden, BL, examines a recent English High Court appeal on the basis of undue leniency against a General Pharmaceutical Council decision to suspend a pharmacist convicted of child cruelty from the register.

The decline in the use of ECT

Dr Dermot Ward questions whether an apparent decline in the use and popularity of ECT can be put down to more effective psychoactive drugs or ill-informed media pressure surrounding the procedure.

Steps forward in human understanding

Garrett Fitzgerald on the ‘insights gained’ and the great good to be had from undertaking pilgrimages, and their key role in the protective response to ageing.

Underlying cause of cerebral palsy could lie in family links

Babies born into families in which someone has cerebral palsy are at an increased risk of having the condition, suggests a paper published on thebmj.com.

The effects of the MPA 2007 Act are wide-ranging

Dear Editor, The recent Irish Medical Council annual report suggested that 10 per cent of the young doctors left the Medical Registrar in 2013. I presume at least 30 per cent of the new Irish graduates leave Ireland every year for various reasons.

You are what your name says you are

What does your name say about you? According to a new book, if you dig beneath a name you will find out about the owner’s true identity, writes Dr Muiris Houston.

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